How to Decorate a Small Apartment for Christmas

When it comes to the holidays, never let the amount of available space for an apartment make you skeptical about decorating. Whether you reside in a studio or a one bedroom apartment, everyone can enjoy the spirit of the festivities just as if they have their own house.


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    Decide if your apartment has room for a Christmas tree. Many people opt for a simple tabletop tree, while others have the space for a five foot tree. Try to invest in an artificial tree, as there is little to no maintenance and you don't need to clean up needles from your car to your apartment, and then from your apartment to the disposal each year.
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    Recycle any decorations that might not fit. Ask friends and family if they would be willing to take any decorations that take up too much space, whether it's in your apartment or any extra storage you have. There might be a chance that when you visit their place during the holidays, your things may be placed around there.
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    Use the walls as much as possible. Every house-owner with string lights always dresses up the outside perimeter of the house (typically the outlining of the roof and sides), as well as any trees in their front yard. Being an apartment tenant, string any lights around the inside wall perimeter with them slightly draping. You can use clear adhesive tape on the wires to hold them up to avoid drilling unnecessary holes.
    • If you have a balcony, use it to your advantage and wrap lights around the bars. Remember that power extension cords are a must if there are no electric outlets near the doors.
    • Encourage your kids to draw holiday pictures and hang them around the walls and refrigerator.
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    Decorate your main or coffee table. Always drape a festive tablecloth and add decorations on it. They can be anything from small snow globes to peppermint scented candles. If there's other people living with you, consider placing a small bowl of Christmas related candy in the middle.
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    Hang wreaths on doors. Use an adhesive hook that can be removed easily and hang wreaths from them. If you're concerned about security or someone stealing it, consider placing it on the inside of the door or on the inside of your window.
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    Substitute a fireplace mantel for other stocking "hooks". This is a great excuse to make over your hallway by hanging stockings on people's doors.
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    Show off your holiday spirit on windows. Find holiday window decals or things that can easily can come off of glass. Don't overdo your decorations, but organize it in an appealing way.


  • Utilize counter top and table space with simple bought or homemade Christmas ornaments.
  • Add tinsel to the edge of balconies, benches, TV units or anything where tinsel can be draped from.
  • Use the backs of chairs as surfaces to add big bows

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