How to Decorate a Princess Themed Nursery

For your little princess, decorating her nursery with a princess theme is a way to bring to life the fantasy elements that little girls adore. It's likely that most of the items added to a princess nursery can be enjoyed from babyhood through to preschool age and perhaps even beyond, depending on how much your little princess loves it.


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    Begin with the crib. You have two options here––one, purchase a crib designed with princesses in mind and two, decorate an existing crib with a princess style. In the first case, if your budget permits, you might like to look for a crib made to look like a carriage––there are a few of this style available; do a search online for examples. Alternatively, look for a crib that has princess themes already painted or designed onto the crib. For the more budget conscious, consider transforming the existing crib into a princess themed one. Use non-toxic paint to add pinks and purples, and non-toxic glues to decoupage princess decals or designs onto the crib.
    • Be careful if adding any embellishments to a crib. Babies are curious and will pull, chew and lick things within their reach, which can potentially turn some things into choking or toxic hazards. Don't tie ribbons, string, or other things to the crib and don't use anything toxic when decorating the crib. If in doubt, leave it out.
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    Transition to the princess' bed. Once your little princess is past crib stage, she'll need a bed fit for a princess. Here your options broaden and a pretty bed will last much longer than a crib, so you might be able to splurge a little more on a princess-themed bed. Again, look online for choices. However, you can decorate the bed easily yourself. For example, add a decal of a favorite princess onto the headboard or decoupage cut-outs of princesses and princess things to the headboard.
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    Choose princess themed bedding. This is where you have a lot of leeway to create any kind of princess look, relying on beautiful colors, luxurious fabrics, lace, pillows, etc. to make the entire bed suitable for a princess. While pink is an obvious choice, don't overlook other regal colors such as red, purple, gold and green. Ask your little princess what her favorite color is––it's not always pink!
    • Disney stores and other stores carrying Disney merchandise may have princess themed sheet sets and duvet covers.
    • Generic prints of princess images and princess related items can be found printed on all sorts of fabrics. If you're good with a sewing machine, consider making your daughter's sheet sets and duvet covers from such fabrics. Look online as well as in stores––some online stores and auction sellers specialize in finding suitable fabrics.
    • If you enjoy quilting, making a quilt fit for a princess can be an enjoyable project. Your little princess will treasure having this over her bed.
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    Use princess wall murals. Wall murals that can be added and peeled off are a great way to dress up the nursery. When your daughter is tired of them or outgrows them, they can be rearranged or removed. This might be a better option than using wallpaper with princess designs, which requires complete removal when your child grows older.
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    Find suitable princess themed window dressings. It is possible to purchase curtains with princess images, or you might like to sew your own using princess fabric. Since this is a room for a princess, consider using rich fabrics to add an air of elegance.
    • Lace is an ideal option for the inner curtains; it's pretty and very much what a princess would adore.
    • Be careful if using tassels as curtain hold-backs; it is better to use simple hold-backs made from fabric as they aren't likely to be chewed on by a curious princess.
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    Add a princess light and lamps. While it's not practical to have a chandelier in a child's bedroom, you can opt for a light cover in a pretty hue of pink or choose one with princess images imprinted onto it. Alternatively, simply choose light covers and lampshades that have a pretty design or well adhered decorations.
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    Choose suitable pictures for the walls. Using framed pictures, posters and images on wood blocks that feature princesses, castles, knights, tiaras, etc. can help to increase the princess feel of the room.
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    Add decorative effects. Consider using princess accessories to decorate the room. For example, make a mobile using a tiara as the head of the mobile and hang princess pictures from it. Or, arrange tiaras on a shelf, hanging on a wall or dangling off the end of the bed. Hang a princess fairy wand on the wall, use silk flowers to make decorative displays and put princess dolls along a shelf. Other beautiful princess related additions include using symbols such as butterflies, gems, roses, swans, the fleur de lys, white horses or unicorns, etc.
    • A pretty music box is essential for a princess themed room. Choose one with something associated with princesses used as the design or simply get one that is extremely elegant and that has pretty music.
    • Make sure that all decorations are either safe for handling by the baby or child or keep them well out of reach.


  • Fabrics princesses like include velvet, satin, sateen, velveteen, lace, ribbons, quality cotton, etc.
  • Not everything has to have a princess image stamped on it. Think of what looks regal, fantasy-like and elegant when choosing items for the nursery. If it's something a princess would probably like, then it's suitable.
  • Don't neglect the floor––pretty rugs can add a warmth and sense of princess elegance to a room.
  • Decorate a table or dressing table. Add a tulle tutu table skirt to a small table or to a dressing table in the room. This is a cross between ballet and princess themes and it's both effective and very cute.
  • Read about what real princesses had in their rooms as little girls. For little girls old enough to understand, this can be a fun activity to do with your little princess, to allow her to identify with a real princess (alive or historical) and to try to find similar princess toys and decorations for her room.


  • Avoid spending too much on a baby's room. The time of babyhood flies and then you're in need of spending more money on furniture and items for your child, items which will last longer than the ones for the baby, especially if you buy with a few years' use in mind. Always look for ways that you can keep upgrading existing items through minor changes rather than getting completely new items; this is both budget-conscious and sustainable, plus it's easier for children to keep being around their familiar things.
  • Always be conscious of things that can harm a baby or small child in their bedroom, such as cords dangling, small objects that they can reach and potentially chew and swallow, toxic items such as paint/air freshener, etc. (always opt for non-toxic everything), and the like. The simpler the room is kept during babyhood, the better.

Things You'll Need

  • Bedding
  • Bed/crib
  • Curtains
  • Removable murals in princess themes
  • Fabrics, sewing machine (optional)
  • Light shades, lampshades
  • Princess images for the wall
  • Decorative items

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