How to Decorate a Preschooler's Playroom

So your little one has finally migrated from teething rings and sippy cups to finger paints and action figures! Read on for more details on how to create the best play space for your toddler.


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    Use lots of bright colors. If you own your own home, then painting your preschooler's playroom with blocks and shapes of bright colors is the way to go. If you're a renter and/or painting isn't an option, opt for brightly colored furniture that appeals to your youngster. Make a game out of picking the colors while gently explaining that they will need to enjoy these colors for quite some time.
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    Create separate "play areas". Let's face it...little kids have lots of interests, often times at the same time! If you separate her stuffed animals and the art supplies, she will learn that the two don't go together.
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    Create an art studio in a corner. A corner is a great place to set-up an art studio for a budding young artist. You can easily install hooks for the smock, and place a small desk against one of the walls with a child-size cubby cabinet against the other wall. It's also super easy to string a clothesline between the two walls to hang up your Little Picasso's master pieces.
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    Use eye-level decorations. You can find decals of your preschooler's favorite characters (or you can print them out on your computer) and attach them to the walls at your child's eye-level. That way they'll know they always have friends nearby.
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    Provide a napping corner. Playing and creating is tough work! Set up a little napping area in a darker part of the room complete with a favorite teddy bear, a soft cushion, a pillow with a smooth pillowcase and a nightlight (if needed). Your preschooler may even voluntarily take a nap in the afternoon.
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    Have open space in the middle. Except for arts and crafts, designate the middle of the room as the "play area". You can even use colorful masking tape to outline the free space. Make sure your preschooler knows that this space must be completely cleaned up after play time is over. Furthermore, it is important to put one toy away before getting another toy out.


  • Your little one wants to be with you all the time, but that's not always possible. Creating a custom space for her with little touches of Mom and Dad will let her know she's loved and that it's okay to play away from you.
  • Keep the playroom as tidy as possible. The earlier a child learns to straighten up his things, the less hassle it will be as he enters the wacky world of teenager-hood.


  • Never leave your child unattended with small objects or with open cans of paint. Not only can she create a mess worthy of a national disaster, she could also ingest the paint and get sick.

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