How to Decorate a Mirror

Mirrors are beautiful in and of themselves, but they're even more remarkable when they're decorated with a personal touch. To make yours stand out -- or just to match your room -- you'll need to channel your artistic side. You ready?


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    Stencil basic designs onto your mirror. The most simple way to decorate a mirror and take it from basic to amazing is to stencil a design onto the glass. Buy a stencil from your local art store, cover the areas that won't be stenciled with newspaper and tape everything into place, and then use spray paint that's designed for glass to paint your design. You can also use non-traditional stencils, like paper doilies, or reverse stencils, like a leaf.
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    Try a cozy "Alice in Wonderland" theme. You can make an adorable Alice in Wonderland themed mirror with some really basic supplies. Get a doll's tea set and use hot glue to attach a teacup to the edge of the mirror. Next, get a cheap pocket watch and attach Velcro at the back and where you'd like it to be on the mirror (the opposite corner from the teacup works well). Use Modge Podge or another decoupage glue to cover the remainder of the mirror in teabag tags in an artful design that appeals to you. You can tape playing cards to a string and display it like a garland along the bottom of the mirror as well.
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    Create a classy Tuscan look. Use wine corks cut in half to create a frame around the mirror. Then, hot glue fake grape bunches and leaves to the corners or edge of the mirror in a way that you think looks nice. If you can find charms that look like wine bottles, those can also be a nice addition.
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    Go for a natural, foresty look. You can also use natural materials if that would work better for your style. Hot glue together twigs in a woven pattern, or use other material like stones or fake leaves. You can also combine all three to create your own mini forest. Rocks on the bottom, twigs on the sides, and leaves at the top will look like your mirror sprouted up in the middle of a tree!
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    Make a mosaic frame. You can buy mosaic tiles from your local art store or make your own using broken pottery pieces. Use glue or mortar to attach the pieces to your mirror. Just make sure to let it fully set before hanging it and to hang it on something that is strong enough to support the weight if you used mortar.
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    Go for an elegant, feminine look. You can create a mirror fit for a princess. Start by covering the frame in fancy paper using Modge Podge. Then, using hot glue, attach strings of pearls, pink beads, and paper flowers to the paper-covered frame in an artful way.
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    Try a by-the-sea theme. This classic mirror design is easy to get for yourself at home. Buy some rope from your local hardware store and use hot glue to create a frame for the mirror by wrapping the rope around and creating a design. Then you can add other features, like gluing on a dried starfish as a centerpiece at the bottom or top.
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    Try a colorful, fun button design. If you want to bring more color into your home, a button frame mirror is a great way to go. Buy a large batch of random buttons off of ebay or from an antique store and use hot glue to attach them to the edge of the mirror in a design that appeals to you. Try to layer and stagger them to create a feathered effect.
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    Make a Christmas mirror. You can make a mirror that looks great for the holidays with just a few easy items that are found at your local craft store during the holidays. String a few light ornaments on a piece of twine or ribbon and attach the ribbon at the two top corners of the mirror so that the ornaments hang. Surround the edges of the mirror with real or fake Christmas tree branches taped to the wall. You can finish off the look by tying a beautiful red Christmas bow and taping it to the bottom center of the mirror.
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    Got for a sports theme. You can make a perfect mirror for your man's man cave or even just your own room by getting your mirror custom fit to the inside measurement of a tennis racket. Glue it into place and then hang the racket on a wall. Another method would be to spray paint bottle caps with your team's colors and glue them around the outside of the mirror.
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    Try a travel theme. Another easy, timeless theme is a travel theme. This can be customized to match a trip that is significant to you, or be generalized. Use Modge Podge to attach pieces of a map to cover the frame of the mirror. Once it's dry, tack or tape up postcards and artfully distribute stamps around the frame. You can even draw fake passport stamps on the frame for added flair!


  • Experiment to create your own designs!

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