How to Decorate a Loft Apartment

Three Methods:Breaking up Loft SpaceDecorating a Loft Apartment with ColorFinding Storage in a Loft Apartment

A loft apartment often describes a large open space without walls or defined rooms. Often, loft apartments are former industrial spaces that have been converted to residences. Challenges in decorating a loft apartment include dividing up the space into usable areas, finding storage, avoiding clutter and creating privacy. Decorate a loft apartment by breaking up the space, using color to your advantage and investing in storage options.

Method 1
Breaking up Loft Space

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    Look for tracking in the ceilings to hold drapes, panels or other materials that can create space partitions.
    • Check for exposed pipes in the ceilings. Lofts that once served as warehouses or industrial spaces often have this type of suspension possibilities.
    • Purchase tracking if it is not already in your ceiling. You can buy ripplefold tracking, which brings a curve to your partitions at upholstery or furniture stores. You can find less expensive tracking options, such as canvas stretchers at art supply or hardware stores.
    • Set up the partitions so they are functional and attractive. You may need to experiment with spacing to get the look and feel you want in your loft.
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    Place furniture appropriately to create different areas in your loft. For example, create a living room area by placing two sofas or loveseats in an "L" shape.
    • Use large furniture pieces, such as armoires and sectionals to separate living space from sleeping space.
    • Float your furniture instead of backing it up against walls. This will allow all sides of the furniture to be seen, and it makes a loft space seem less wide open and more organized and contained.
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    Contain each space. Pay attention to what belongs. In order to break off a kitchen space, for example, do not keep the dishes near the bed.

Method 2
Decorating a Loft Apartment with Color

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    Evaluate your walls. Many loft apartments include exposed brick and other natural elements from their factory or industrial days. Look for spaces where paint is a possibility.
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    Paint with bold colors. The wall space that is available in a loft apartment should be maximized with color that grabs attention.
    • Use paint to either complement or separate your walls from other surfaces. For example, a slate gray will match modern stainless appliances. If you would rather set the walls apart, try a bright green or a deep orange.
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    Look for carpets and rugs that add color as well as shape. Rugs should offer a burst of color to make the loft look interesting and bright.
    • Try rugs that are round or shapes other than rectangles. If your loft apartment is rectangular in shape, a brown rectangular rug will not do much for the space. Try a round rug in red or an oval rug with stripes or patterns.
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    Choose curtains and shades that offer color. Loft apartments might have long windows, small windows or no windows at all.
    • Stay away from vinyl blinds. Use different colors and textures on your windows and keep the window coverings accessible. Your loft apartment might get too much light at certain times of the day, so you will want to cover the windows occasionally.

Method 3
Finding Storage in a Loft Apartment

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    Create boundaries for clutter and personal items. Most loft apartments do not have closets, so you will need to be creative and use whatever you do have.
    • Use bookcases to hold more than just books. Stack magazines, baskets of pictures, even items such as shoes and folded sweaters.
    • Take advantage of furniture pieces that can be used for storage and divide up your space. Armoires and trunks are good for this purpose. You can also find bench-type ottomans that open up and hold blankets, sheets, towels and anything else you need.
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    Shop for storage solutions at discount retailers such as IKEA and The Container Store. You can also take advantage of Craigslist sales, garage sales and thrift stores.
    • Look for budget-friendly items that will fit in your loft space and provide storage. Large bins, bookcases in different sizes and tables, benches or trunks will usually work.
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    Buy or build shelving to display decorative items.


  • Work with a designer if you have the budget. There are artists and decorators who specialize in loft spaces. If you cannot afford a designer, read magazines to get inspiration on decorating your loft apartment.
  • Look at other loft spaces. Before you begin decorating your own, take a look at what others have done to maximize their space and create functional and attractive areas.

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