How to Decorate a Kids Themed Christmas Tree

Are your kids enthused about putting up their own Christmas tree to supplement your tree as their own? Help them decorate their own tree with the help of this article as your guide. Your kids will definitely thank you once a tree for them has been decorate.


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    Acquire a Christmas tree. Whether the tree is real or artificial won't really matter. However, if your kids are allergic to pine or spruce, go with the artificial tree.
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    Place the tree at the child's height at first.
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    Decorate the tree with lights and some popcorn or cranberry strands. Children love to help with these strands, though you might be needed to help with the lights to ensure the kids don't get hurt in the process. But let them make some of the choices of whether it would be best to move around clockwise or counterclockwise or further up versus further down than what you've decided. Listen to the kids choices, unless their choices would potentially hurt other innocent people.
    • For Christmas lights, start with the end that doesn't contain the electrical plug first. Wrap that around the tree-topper area and decorate downward until the lights run out or it reaches the bottom.
      • You can connect additional strands of lights to the tree until you get to the bottom, but don't overdo it if you are coming close to finishing, as you should use an extension electrical cord instead.
    • For popcorn strands, let them help set these up completely by themselves, though be around to ensure they don't try to taste-test them in the process.(Popcorn always looks inviting to any child whether or not it's been freshly prepared or not!)
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    Have your children create a paper chain that can be hung on their tree.
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    Allow your children to collect things that can be used as ornaments that can be hung on their tree. Keychains or costume jewelry are a great start, though you can follow up with additional small mementos that your children won't mind destroying if you had to place something through them. (Although that miniature tool from a toolbox wouldn't be too devastating to a child who doesn't mind building, asking your kids to give up a sports card to poke a hole later could be both emotionally and financially disastrous.)
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    Attach these "ornaments" to the tree, with the help of the children. Get them to hang on the tree without overdoing the amount of weight on each branch. Hang heavier ornaments on the bottom, and lighter ornaments on top.
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    Attach a few strands of gold or silvery garland to the tree if your children can be trusted to not eat anything they find laying on the floor. If they can't, you have to give it up in lieu of safety.
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    Attach a tree topper to the top of the tree. If they can give up a small-to-medium size stuffed animal, you can use this animal. If you must use a real Christmas tree topper (or have an extra unneeded few lights from the Christmas light strand, make sure the light that was placed around the treetop can't catch the stuffed animal on fire. Bend the wire away from the bear or untie this section of lights from that area of the tree.
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    Move the tree to a better-suited area, or until the tree is away from the child's hands, but is still in pluggable reach of an electrical outlet. Place it on a nightstand or other place away from their hands where only you (as the adult) can be responsible for it's operation (yet still allowing them to see it sparkle throughout the day).


  • If you have any child ornaments in your own personal collection that explain the child, you can help decorate the tree with those. However, for those special keepsakes (such as an ornament saying "baby's first christmas", you may want to either hang it on your own tree or put it away in a collection bin or hope-chest.
  • Children don't like not doing things when it is raining or snowing. if you know of any of these days will be existing before Christmas, plan on setting it up with your kids on those days.
  • Don't overdo the decorations. Even the parents tree can become too weighty if too many decorations are hung on them.
  • Have a fake "contest" with your kids over who can decorate their Christmas tree the best, but let the child's tree always win until they reach a decent age of 11 or 12 or even 13 (in some cases) (in which case the better suited tree will win).
  • When decorating the tree, think about your child's passion in life (or what it is like up until the Christmas this child's tree is being designed and put-up).
  • Put some enthusiasm into decorating the tree. Showing the children that you have a minute amount of enthusiasm for their activities makes them feel that their parents aren't concerned for their ideas. As long as the choices they make are healthy, show them you care and help them set it up.

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