How to Decorate a Japanese Inspired Study

Many people come to seek the calming sense of a Japanese-inspired room as it provides a peaceful simplicity and clears the mind. In this article you will find out how to do this to your study.


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    Study Japan and learn about their culture and arts. Modern-day Japan is known for its bright colors and far-out fashions. Look through different photos of Japan's arts and creativity. You will definitely get a lot of inspiration. However, don't automatically assume that everything will be loud and funky, you could decorate it to the theme of ancient Japan, which is highly different than Japan today.
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    Clean the room. Make sure to get rid of any dull furniture pieces or colors. Vacuum the floor, wipe the windows, empty the trash, and remove any stray marks from the walls. Be sure to place your furniture in two piles: Pile 1 has furniture that you want to keep, pile 2 has furniture that you want to get rid of.
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    Add furniture. While doing this, you might want to keep in mind that Japanese-style furniture is a bit different than America's. Japanese furniture is simple and close to the ground so think about using a table leaf or making/buying a low desk and use a pillow or cushion to sit on. If your theme is inspired by modern-day Japan, try adding bright, neon colored furniture such as pink, yellow, and orange. If your theme is ancient Japan, try adding bonsai trees and bamboo plants.
    • If you can, get a Shoji style lamp. It will add to the Japanese feel.
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    Add decorations. Make sure they don't clutter up in one area. Spread them out but don't add too much, as this could look very messy. Add bonsai trees, small statues, and maybe even cute d├ęcor such as framed Japanese symbols for objects such as "cherry blossom", or "bright sun."
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    Make sure the room is simple with no over-decorating. This doesn't mean that you have to get rid of everything, just don't have it on display. Try to get rid of any antiques or fragile things, like glass vases or figurines.


  • Bonsai and other plants add an organic feel used by the Japanese.[citation needed]
  • Japanese art and wall scrolls are a great way to decorate the walls.
  • A small zen garden would fit the theme well.


  • Don't overdo it! if you do it won't have the simple Japanese feel that it should have.

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