How to Decorate a Girl's Room

Girls spend a lot of time in their bedroom. It is not only used for sleep alone. They entertain their friends there, do homework and use the computer in that room, as well as shut the door and gab on the phone in privacy. A well planned room is great!!


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    Organize and clean your room. If you want a decorated room, the least you should do is make it neat! Through away things you don't need, put things away, or simply make your bed. Sweeping, dusting, and mopping are pretty important since you would certainly want a junk free room!
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    Decorate according to colors you like, and the size of the room. A small room is limited in use. Not much can be added except the bed, dresser, and night tables, and of course a desk and computer. Most second bedrooms are of this size.
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    Measure the room, to see if you can add anything else to it, like a sitting room, or exercise equipment.
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    Select a 'theme'. It might be a hobby that you enjoy, or an animal theme, if you are an animal lover. It's your room, and your choice.
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    Select a color theme and decide if you want wall art or just plain painted. Use two matching colors, and continue using these and blending in a third in your curtains and bed spreads, sheets and towels (if you have your own bathroom).
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    Buy new furnishings or rearrange your room. Sometimes just a few new articles that fit the color scheme can make a great difference, and not be costly.
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    Consider a trash can. This may seem useless, but it is key to a neat room. You can simply toss your trash in your bin instead of putting it in drawers! If you wish, the trash can could be decorated to suit your theme.
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    Make the room your 'own' by adding extra touches that are just 'you'. These can be posters, photographs, unique lighting, pets and any other special mementos. Make sure you like it.
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    Select good materials! You do not want anything to break or get crumpled! Always buy the best if possible and/or appropriate materials for your room.


  • Curtains are a great way to divide a room for specific uses or for privacy if you share a room and can also add a personal touch depending on choice of material.
  • Consider 'lofting' your bed if you have limited space.
  • Goodwill and Fabric stores are great places to get items to dress up your room at little or no cost.
  • Pastel colors can be used to illustrate almost any scene if you want a mural on one wall. They are also an excellent choice to use for painting the ceiling.
  • The colors yellow and pink have been found to brighten people's moods.
  • Many companies that sell teen clothing also have sheets and unique items centered around a 'room theme'. You can buy from them directly or modify their ideas.
  • You could make beautiful cute lovely things using cardboard, stickers, foil and paint. Be inventive, you could also make cute pillows out of old fabric and decorate them.
  • A wall or billboard can be used to stick photos on.
  • If you know you will want to change up your room again soon, go with white walls, duvet and desk, and add colour through lampshades, pictures, ornaments etc.


  • The climate you live in should always be considered. While painting your room black may seem appealing in the summer, consider the effects when it's the dead of winter.

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