How to Decorate a Gift With Plastic Straws

This beautiful gift decoration is made from plastic straws and water resistant tape. Unlike ordinary ribbons, this can be reused and it's also great to decorate floral gifts.


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    Wrap water resistant tape around a straw.
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    Finish winding just before the bellows (the accordion-like, bendy part of the straw) and cut the tape.
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    Cut between the windings.
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    Cut the tape in half.
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    Make 2 or 3 more straws.
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    Cut fringe in the other end. (Take care not to cut it off completely.)
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    Curl the fringe with a fingernail.
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    Attach the decoration to the gift.
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    Cut it to fit the size of the gift.


  • Do this with different colored straws, it will be unique every time!
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    Try how to wind which is easy to cut.
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    Cut the tape in half.
    Cut it while making it flat on the left hand.