How to Decorate a Canopy Bed

A canopy bed, which has posts at each corner extending upwards, offers so many options in how it can be dressed. With so many choices, it can be overwhelming when it comes to decide what works best for you and your bedroom. Consider the following ideas when looking for ways to decorate a canopy bed.


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    Add curtains to your canopy bed. Match the fabric with the rest of the curtains in the room exactly to create a tasteful and unified look and feel. This way your bed will blend into the rest of the room. You could then dress your bed in a plain white or cream to bring the focus back to the bed.
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    Allow fabrics to hang loose or pull them back with curtain ties. Your choice may be determined by the existing curtains in the room. Using tie backs adds the final touches to a formal appearance. Another alternative would be to tie the actual canopy bed curtains themselves to the posts of the bed. Do this by wrapping each curtain around a post in a dramatic knot.
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    Recognize that the curtains are not the only elements that dress a canopy bed. The posts and rods add character to the bed also. Choose wrought iron with sheer curtains to add an elegant touch, or select a plain dark wood for a touch of masculinity.
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    Create a backdrop for your canopy bed. You can achieve this simply by hanging curtains on the back rail of the frame. Heavier fabric will offer a solid appearance, whereas sheer or satin will create a soft, romantic appearance.
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    Use pillows and cushions to add drama to your bed. You can select various sizes of the same shape cushion or different shapes. You can also dress all the cushions in the same color or vary them.
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    Opt for a simple look by not adding any fabrics to the posts and rods. Just having a wooden or wrought iron 4 poster with a simple canopy overhead can be very effective. With this alternative, you can allow the bed linens to decorate the canopy bed. If you have a small bedroom or your room is already busy with d�cor, a simple approach may be necessary.


  • Change with the seasons. Don't just stick to 1 style. Mix it up and have some fun by changing the look of your canopy bed with the season. Allow the designs to gets heavier and warmer as the seasons get colder. In the summer, strip down the drapes and leave your bed looking cool with just a fabric backdrop. Then add light curtains in the fall. In the winter, select heavier drapes that close the bed in a little for a cozy appearance. In spring, bring out the sheer drapes and wrap them around the posts.

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