How to Declutter a Pantry

De-cluttering your pantry will make meal planning, meal preparation and food shopping a lot more streamlined.


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    Take everything out of your pantry, or the cabinet or shelves you use as a pantry.
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    Clean your pantry thoroughly, from the light fittings to the shelves and the floor.
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    Sort all the things you have taken out according to categories (baking stuff, savoury cans, fruit cans, pasta...).
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    Discard anything that is past its sell-by date. Also discard all things that have been opened a long time ago, all spices that don't smell anymore, and everything you bought years ago but have never used.
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    Group items in a way that is logical to you. Baking stuff with baking stuff, savoury cans together, sweet cans together, breakfast cereal together, toilet paper, spare soap and toothpaste together and so on.
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    Think of what you want to put where. Again, go with what is logical to you. If you bake often, the baking stuff can go into a more prominent place then if you hardly ever bake. You can also put all the basic baking ingredients into a wire basket, this will make baking quicker and simpler.
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    Refill flour, sugar and salt into see-through glass or plastic containers. This way you avoid having to wipe up the flour every time you open the paper bag. It makes it also easier to see how much you have left. But don't forget to label the storage canister.
    • One good way of doing that is to paint a strip of blackboard paint on it. Now you can wipe off and change the labelling whenever you put something different into the container. Storing food stuff in glass or plastic containers also discourages mice and bugs.


  • When organizing a pantry put whatever you use most often into the most prominent place.
  • When storing lots of cans, put the oldest one at the front and put all the tomato cans behind each other, next to all the cans with peas etc.
  • Keep washing powder or cleaning products out of reach of young children.
  • If you are not the only one putting the shopping away or doing the cooking, labeling the shelves is a good idea.
  • If you hang a shopping list and a pen on the pantry or cupboard door, you can just fill in all the items you have used.

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