How to Decide Which Fusion Method Is Healthiest for Your Hair

Fusion hair extensions are used to make your hair look longer immediately. They're a popular way to increase hair length in a way that lasts for some time. However, there are various ways to get extensions, and some methods may be more suited to your hair than others. In some cases, extensions may cause damage to your hair, so being aware of which methods are most likely to keep your hair in good and healthy condition is useful to know before reaching your decision.


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    Research non-heat, no glue fusion hair extensions. Methods that do not require heat or glue are the best when it comes to hair extensions because there is no heat or adhesive added to your natural hair, avoiding excessive drying out, splitting or massing of your natural hair. Non-heat, no glue methods offer more protection to the natural hair, better duration of the time they last, ease of removal, and gentleness on the hair.
    • Stay away from glue-based fusions. This type of fusion is becoming a thing of the past. They were popular when fusion first came out because that was the only option. Today, there are so many healthier options. If you like glue, try switching to keratin, which is healthier. Or better yet, chose a non-heat, no glue method.
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    Contact the relevant company providing the hair extensions to ask after which professionals have experience in putting in hair extensions. You'll want to avoid using someone who is just beginning or practicing on you. If the price is on the low end, be alert to the probability that the stylist is probably just beginning to add fusion extensions. Most professional fusion hair specialists charge between US$800-$10,000, depending on how much you expect to add and the types of extensions used. This isn't a cheap fix!
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    Make sure there is a focus on healthy hair care while wearing the fusion extensions. If the stylist or company states that clients are actually growing their hair and that the fusions can promote hair growth, that is usually a good sign that the company cares about you continuing to have healthy hair and will back this up with appropriate maintenance and care.
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    Search for methods that involve some type of organic bond or protective barrier between your hair and the extensions. This type of protective layer allows the extensions to last longer, promotes growth, and keeps your hair protected.[citation needed]
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    Seek out companies that custom match for hair color. With fusion, it is very important for the fusion hair to match your hair color exactly, otherwise it won't look natural. Blondes come in many different shades as well as brunettes. Make this matching a top priority.


  • Do not go to the first and/or cheapest stylist or company that you find! You pay for what you get in this industry. There are many do-it-yourselfers who are teaching on You Tube. There is nothing wrong with the ambitious types who are capable of performing fusion to themselves and teaching others to do it. However, the problems arise when people who learn how to perform fusion on sites like YouTube start charging new and unsuspecting clients. This is a very scary reality and countless women have lost hair due to this practice. If a company has high fees, it is because women are paying that amount to them for a reason! If not, they would lower their prices to attract more business. Get it done right the first time, and save up the funds for a company that knows what they are doing.
  • If you like heat based fusions, choose options such as keratin extensions or organic bonds. Keratin is a form of glue that is not as damaging or strong as pure glue extensions. There's also a non glue heat based attachment called silica or silicone, which uses heat but not glue.


  • Stay away from people offering fusion for cheap prices. You will regret it.
  • Do not attempt to perform fusions on yourself! Even professionals do not attempt that because it is possible to cross hairs and create breakage and tear points that you cannot see. This will lead to major breakage and hair damage. You must have someone who can see and perform clear parts that won't lead to future potential damage.

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