How to Decide on Whether to Get a Rowing Machine for Home Exercise

If you're wanting to know whether or not it is worth your money and time to invest in a rowing machine, this article will provide you with a rundown of the benefits to help you make your decision.


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    Select equipment that will provide physical exercise. A rowing machine should not produce boredom and the type of machine chosen should have minimal risk of injury and be easy to use.
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    Understand the extent of a workout that is gained by using a rowing machine:
    • Aerobic benefits: the rowing machine stimulates the heart and lungs. The stimulation is reached through the specific intensity and continued level of the exercise being taken. The levels needed for this aerobic workout is contingent upon the age and health of the person who is exercising.
    • Cultivates the major muscles: another benefit of rowing machines is the exercise experienced by the major muscles of the legs. Both the muscles of the lower legs and thighs receive significant attention and provides for a good 'burn' to be achieved.
    • Assists in preserving or reducing one's weight: in addition, the benefit of rowing machines is the burning of calories. It is gauged that a workout of 30 minutes can burn close to three hundred calories. This burning of calories in alignment with a reduction in calories eaten, can help oneself to contribute towards the loss of weight or preserving one's weight.
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    A rowing machine can be fun. While there are no guarantees, a rowing machine may decrease the boredom that is often linked with other pieces of exercise equipment. This decrease in boredom is workable because the exercise can be accomplished while watching television or reading a book.
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    Realize that rowing machines carry less risk in use. An added benefit of rowing machines is that there is less 'shock' associated with this exercise. Body 'shock' is defined as a portion of the body getting in contact with a hard surface. This 'shock' action can cause stress which can be damaging to parts of the body such as the knees, feet and ankles. An example of this type of 'shock' is jogging and the wear and tear realized by the knees when the feet hit the asphalt or other hard running surface. Obviously, any exercise that is finished and produces hurting is an exercise program that should be given up.
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    Consider the ease of use with a rowing machine. A benefit of a rowing machine is their ease of use. Look for a rowing machine that can be sat upon like a normal bike. There are also rowing machines that are manufactured in a semi reclining position. These machines provide more comfortable seating as well as letting the legs to extend outwardly instead of straight down. This comfy seating allows for less risk to the person who is exercising and minimizes the probability of losing your balance and falling.


  • Instead of a rowing machine, which is costly and bulky, consider doing squat pulls. To do a squat pull you need something to hold on to at about chest height like a horizontal bar. Do a squat pull, with a chest height horizontal bar, like you were doing chin ups but combined with squatting. Very strong people can do 20 or more chin ups, but with the bar low, many of you can work up to doing hundreds of squat chin-ups.


  • To use the rowing machine you must have above average flexibility in you hamstring muscles and be able to use correct lower and upper back form for an extended period of time. By rounding your back, especially the lower back, you risk getting a herniated disc and at the very least uneven disc wear.

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