How to Deal with wikiHow Contributors That You Find Frustrating

Has a troll or another user discouraged you and frustrated you in some way? Have they been sending mean messages to you, or reverting your edits? Don't you find their lack of ability to spell correctly or proper grammar aggravating? There are lots of ways to solve a problem, often you just need some time to cool down from what just happened. This article will explain how you can.


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    Determine if multiple users are discouraging you all at once or just one user. Decide who's really a troll and who's just a regular user that's offending you. If all (or several) users are trolls or offending users, continue the process below.
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    Look at their contributions and see how many bad edits the user has made, if he or she is a troll. See the messages of a user that was mean to you in a way, and see how the attitude was.
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    Don't feed a troll. It makes things more fun for him or her. Don't keep sending coaching messages. You can report the troll to the Administrator Notice Board and give him or her a warning, but do not send any more messages after that. The troll may get blocked anyway and then edit in good faith afterwards.
    • You shouldn't send too many messages to a user that you perceive as being mean either. Before reporting the user, make sure that his/her messages would be seen as rude to anyone he/she posts to.
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    Ignore the user unless he/she asks a legitimate question. Don't answer any rude and/or mean questions. Ignore trolls, especially since you will be making it more fun for them if you keep replying.
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    If you need to reply, reply politely. If you have a bad message to send back in mind, do not send it. Reply with a friendly "hello" and "thanks!" to make it nicer, even if you are very mad about it.
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    Release your anger. Do anything that can release your frustration and anger. It may sound strange, but you can scream, squeeze an object that is not fragile, etc. Do anything that can help you release your anger, but don't do anything destructive.
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    Take a long or short break from wikiHow. Depending on how frustrated you are, put a notice on your talk page informing your fellow contributors of how long you will be on your break. If you'd like, you can even pop back in every few days to contribute if you're not too uncomfortable. Go outside and have some fresh air, perform your favorite hobbies, and have fun with your friends to take the thoughts and frustration out of you.
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    Don't think about it. Thinking about the problem will make it even worse. Don't think about doing the same mean thing back, or the problem will only get worse, and you may get reported too!
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    Calm down. Tell yourself that your problem can be fixed easily. The more you calm down, the less frustrated you will feel.
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    Remember not everyone cares about wikiHow and many people won't hesitate to do things that some contributors wouldn't dream of doing, for no good reason.


  • Don't report a user just because he or she has said something offensive. They may have not meant to direct their comments at you. Trolls may be reported if they fail to heed warnings, though.
  • Read a book. This can calm you down most of the time, and can keep you happy if it's a book you enjoy.
  • Make yourself happy. Do fun things and stay off of wikiHow for some time. You should actually stay off the computer for some time, because the computer will probably make you think about what happened, and make you more frustrated.
  • Don't swipe things off a table or throw something to get rid of your frustration. This may hurt someone, but squeezing and screaming (not too loudly) may be a better option.
  • If multiple users are hurting your feelings at the same time, you can still calm down about it. Don't worry about it. Imagine how you would feel if they weren't mean to you. Ignore mean comments and act like you're in the time where they weren't mean in the first place.


  • Do not hurt a user or even troll back. Do not reply meanly, whether the conflict is taking place on the forums or on the main site. Don't even reply to the troll. Only answer questions that aren't abusive; you don't have to reply to abusive messages.

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