How to Deal With Teachers That Hate Your Guts

Three Parts:Accepting Your Teacher's Perspective of YouFixing ThingsBeing a Model Student

If you feel as if there's a teacher who "hates your guts," it can make school life intolerable. Fortunately for you, there are some things you can do to try to turn the situation around and encourage your teacher to at least see your better side.

Part 1
Accepting Your Teacher's Perspective of You

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    Realize that if you've been a difficult person, it is going to be tough to undo that image in your teacher's head. This doesn't mean it's impossible but it does mean you have your work cut out for you and there's nothing like a challenge to give spice to your purpose in life. See it from the teacher's perspective––would you trust you after the misbehaving, slacking off, rudeness or unwillingness to helpful? It can be hard to believe a leopard will change its spots overnight. However, in your favor is the fact that on the whole, teachers do expect students to keep learning from their mistakes and improving.
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    Work out whether your teacher is a second chances teacher or someone who thinks you're unchangeable and that your true colors are stuck on the naughty-o-meter. In the former case, you should have no problems convincing the teacher that you've turned over a new leaf, provided you truly mean it. In the latter case, you are going to have to provide many actions that speak louder than words examples and still some before that teacher will feel that you've improved in your ways.
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    Remember that teachers are human beings too. They have personal problems, family lives, deadlines and other students to deal with. By remembering that they're human too, you can stop demonizing the teacher and start to look for connecting points that might win you an in with the teacher. This doesn't mean you have to like the teacher––that's not the point. It simply means finding ways to show to the teacher that you are considerate and respectful of their needs and wants too.
    • After trying to mend bridges, if your teacher still appears to dislike you, consider that your teacher may just be having a bad day or is going through a tough time at the moment. Either way, it's a good idea to not ask them what is going on as this can make them worse.
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    Have some compassion. Most "mean" teachers are unhappy people or have had bad experiences with students in the past and are protecting themselves from future bad interactions. Sometimes it has nothing to do with you. They might feel that none of the students care about them, so try to be nice.
    • If your teacher seems miserable whether you are around them or not, chances are that you are not the problem.
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    Remember that you won't have this teacher forever. If you've done your best to make them like you and it doesn't work, grit your teeth and try to survive until the course is done. Once you are through with the course, you could talk to the principal to make sure you won't have this teacher again.

Part 2
Fixing Things

If it was something you said or did

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    Think back to what it is that you've said or done to the teacher. Maybe it was that pin you put on your teacher's chair, or that time you forgot your homework three times in a row. Perhaps you talked back often in class or said mean things.
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    Apologize to your teacher. At least try to look like you mean it, and you may be forgiven. And remember to say what you did or said. "Sorry miss" is not as effective as "I'm sorry for forgetting my homework three times in a row, it won't happen again".

If you are just plain annoying

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    Try to find out what is it about you that annoys your teacher. Maybe you call out too much, or maybe your homework is always terrible. Perhaps you play up too much in class or give more cheek than anyone has the goodwill to cope with.
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    Put yourself in your teacher's shoes. Are you really that annoying? If the answer is yes, it is a good idea to break your bad habits.
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    Let the teacher notice you doing some good for a change. Try to do this in as many good ways as you can possibly can, such as keeping quiet when this is expected, offering to help out and keeping your smart witted comments under control. Stop chit chatting in class and actually get the assignments turned in when expected. Put away the slingshots and stop chewing gum. Make an effort to actually listen.
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    Sit near the back of the class if you can't tone down the giggles or annoying behaviors. At least this will put some distance between you both.

If you have no idea why the teacher dislikes you

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    Think about why you think that your teacher hates you. Does she give the ripped-up homework an A+ and yours an F-? Does she shout "WHAT?!" whenever you ask a question? Remember that you are quite possibly just exaggerating, and that your teacher doesn't really hate you. You need to get the facts straight before complaining that your teacher hates you for no reason at all.
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    Gather factual evidence of things your teacher does that you consider single you out for unfair or unkind treatment. Note the action, the day and the occasion. Do this over a week or so, to build up a realistic picture. Do you still feel that your teacher is being unreasonable? If not, shape up by reading the suggestions below for being a model student. However, if you still feel the teacher is being unfair toward you on an objective assessment, move to the next step.
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    Look at how you are presenting yourself. If you are not exaggerating, and your teacher really does not treat you the same as others, your teacher may be doing this because he or she is stereotyping you. Come on, everyone does it. Maybe you wear ripped clothes, or maybe you look like a dumb blonde. Either way, your teacher shouldn't be giving you lower grades or treating you with no respect because of this.
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    Consider talking through those responsible for you, or even lodging a complaint. If this is becoming a serious problem, get your parents or guardian to have a chat with the teacher. If that doesn't work, talk with the principal.

Part 3
Being a Model Student

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    Address the teacher respectfully. This may be sir or ma'am ("Yes, sir."). Or, it might be Ms., Mrs. or Mr.
    • Don't act like you know better than them.
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    Be punctual at all times. Teachers love students who turn up on time and are settled and ready to engage as class starts.
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    Be in uniform (if you are supposed to be). This is one thing you don't need to flout around strict teachers, it's just not worth the angst.
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    Keep quiet. Teachers have a hard time with a loud class.
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    Pay close attention to the teacher while ignoring other students who might distract you. To show your attention, participate a lot and always raise your hand whenever the teacher has a question.
    • Don't seem to be ignoring them as this just gets teachers in a bad mood.
    • Don't be on websites that you are not supposed to if you are in a computer class. Don't play laptop games in class - that is a pet peeve of most teachers.
    • Act as if you're enjoying the class.
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    Help the teacher with whatever he/she needs such as carrying materials to her class
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    Have all the supplies you need with you for every class period.
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    Remember your homework. Teachers hate students that always make an excuse and never bring their homework. So make sure that it's in your bag after you finish at the night before.
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    Turn in all assignments on time. As said on step 6, teachers hate students who never bring their assignments or homework or are late to turn them up.
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    Ask the teacher for a list of her/his favorite books she/he read at your age.
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    Make the teacher a card and just leave it on their desk. Tell them you appreciate that they are your teacher.
    • Show appreciation. Drop a few compliments such as, "I like your teaching techniques, they're so helpful to understand!" No matter how moody your teacher is, he/she will still appreciate your thoughtfulness.


  • Remember that if your teacher really ignores you and you still respect the teacher don't try to change yourself to 'impress' them. The teacher probably is an unhappy person so don't beat yourself up for how the teacher acts towards you because there is nothing wrong with you. Just get on with your work and don't let the teachers rude behavior get to you.
  • A good book about this is "The Wednesday Wars" by Gary D. Schmidt. It is about a boy named Holling Hoodhood who has to deal with a teacher who hates him because of his religion. He has to survive the whole year with him. It is funny, well-written, and teaches some great lessons.
  • Lots of 'mean' teachers act the way they do because they are insecure. If they feel that they can't control the class, they tend to be unreasonable and will say and do things that just don't make sense. With a teacher like this, be respectful and quiet during class and don't draw attention to a mistake the teacher has made (such as a typo on a test, unless you can't understand the question because of it), and you shouldn't have any trouble. If you do, it won't be your fault. It may help to talk to the principal about the issue, since these teachers will act completely different if they are outside of class or if someone is observing the class. The principal probably doesn't know how this teacher acts.
  • If you have had a good relationship with the teacher in the past, bring it up! Try to make them happy! They will realize you are a student that cares about them and they will go easy on you. People change people. Maybe they will be nicer not just to you, but the whole class and you might just even boost their confidence. They get insecure just as often as you do.


  • Never do anything wrong in that class or your teacher will remember that and be less inclined to like you for the rest of the year. Even if you might think that it might be only for a year, remember that your teacher talks about his/her students to other teachers, such as the ones you might get next year. This will cause another teacher to hate you even though they might have not seen you before.
  • If the problem is getting too out of hand and he/she is being completely mean to you and breaking teacher code, talk to your principal and parents about it.
  • If your teacher is making you feel unsafe or insecure, tell the principal as soon as possible, they should take you seriously.
  • Tell your parents or school principal if any teacher ever hits, calls you names or throws things. That is not acceptable behavior. If nobody does anything, call the school board in your area. Teachers are not allowed to abuse or touch you!
  • Don't annoy your teacher by asking them why they hate you.

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