How to Deal With Rude wikiHow Users

Sometimes, while contributing to wikiHow, you may stumble upon a user that isn't so nice. This article can help you deal with such users, and get them to stop bugging you.


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    Know the difference between constructive criticism and just being mean. Some experienced wikiHow users are there to make your article better, and may comment on your article to tell you what needs to be worked on. Others, though, are the exact opposite. Learn to spot the difference.
    • Helping: "This article is okay, but it didn't give enough instructions, and step 4 doesn't make any sense. It needs to be improved!"
    • Hurting: "What?! This is so stupid. Whoever made this is a freak! This should just be weird."
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    Ignore them. They may be just trying to start a quarrel, so don't let them.
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    Be polite! Being mean back just prepares for a big argument.
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    Figure out if they are just being mean to you, or a lot of users! If they are just being mean to you, just stay away from them. If they are targeting a lot of users, they will eventually be warned or even blocked. Don't worry too much about it!
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    Don't visit any discussion pages for your articles if you don't want to read what people think of them. This is very simple!


  • If somebody is annoying or upsetting you excessively, just leave a message on their talk page to politely ask them to stop. If this won't work, just ignore them!


  • Don't get angry when they do something rude. If you go on their talk page and start cussing up a storm, or start sending rude messages back, then you could get banned from wikiHow instead!

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