How to Deal With Patients As a Pharmacy Technician

As we all know, working is stressful. Working in the healthcare field is even more stressful, because we are dealing with people's lives. When people are sick their well being are affected and they may become emotionally unstable and are vulnerable to many obstacles. Therefore, we as Pharmacy Technicians, should be more patient and understanding.


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    Identify the patient's problem. Once you've identified the patient's problem, it'll be easier for you to find a solution to help fulfill the patient's needs.
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    Be positive (smile). Sometimes, patients have been waiting a long time in the hospital and being ill is unpleasant. They may come to the pharmacy with a gloomy mood and just by smiling, we're showing that we're willing to help them by preparing their medications.
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    Listen to what they have to say. Most patients want to be heard. By listening to them, it shows that we're willing to help them, and that we understand how they feel. If the patient has been talking for a long time, we gently interrupt him by repeating his problems and how we'll help him solve his problems and then lead him to the waiting room.
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    Don't take the patient's actions or words personally. Some patients may be rude or frustrated over something or someone. This is because they're sick, their well being is affected and their needs are not being met. Therefore, we shouldn't take their words or actions personally and we should be more patient and understanding towards them.
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    Prioritize and identify your tasks. First, greet the patient; gather the required information in order to fill in the prescription; if it's a rarely dispensed medication, verify its availability; lead the patient to the waiting room; prepare the medication for the pharmacist to verify; use the cash register and dispense the medication. Always make sure to notify the patient if there are any third party billing issue to the patient as soon as possible. Always greet the patient and call the patient's name by Mr. or Mrs. X and give the necessary information concerning the medication such as: "This is a last renewal or this is an extension etc..."


  • After listening to their needs, repeat what they said to make sure that we understood the right thing.
  • Speak clearly and slowly (if needed) to the patient to avoid confusion.


  • If a patient becomes physically violent, ask the help from others or the pharmacist. The pharmacist has the authority and also had the proper training in college on how to deal with violent and difficult patients while we as technicians may not have the training for that yet.
  • If a patient insults you, or becomes aggressive, don't get involved. Let him vent and accomplish your own tasks. He will be the fool of his own speech.

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