How to Deal with Dog Allergies

Leading vets always say that having a dog at home means there is a chance that one of the family members may develop some form of pet allergies. This particular allergy may have already been a recessive trait within the family but it just came out due to the dog’s frequent shedding. When you or a family member develops or has pet allergies, you don’t immediately get rid of your dog, though. Below are some ways to deal with this particular problem without having your kids crying about losing their furry friend.


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    Visit the doctor and ask for some allergy medications.
    To begin with, you need to go to the doctor. There are many types and brands of safe and effective antihistamines that will treat your pet allergies. And you can either take them as tablets or syrups or your doctor can give you some immunotherapy allergy shots.
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    Install air filters around your house. Not only will these air filters help you overcome your frequent allergic attacks but everyone in the household will surely be able to breathe in fresher, cleaner and safer air.
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    Make sure that your pet is always clean and groomed properly. This means taking them to a professional groomer for their weekly baths and other grooming and hygienic needs. Or you can have another person do these for you. But you can’t do these chores yourself since your allergies might just be aggravated more.
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    Make sure that your house is always clean. Make sure that no pet hair or fur balls are scattered around. Vacuum around the house regularly and thoroughly. Another useful tip is to remove small or large carpets since any pet-shedding always stick to them and in general, carpets are just big allergen-collecting features.
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    Always wash your hands and change your clothes if you touch or hold the pet at home.
    That way, any shedding left on your clothes or your hands is removed properly and thoroughly and so that your allergies won’t act up immediately.

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