How to Deal with a Troll on wikiHow

wikiHow is a wonderful website that aims to be the most helpful and accurate how-to manual. Unfortunately, as with all public websites, it attracts trolls and vandals who only wish to detract from that goal. Is a certain user trolling on your talk page?


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    Know what the editor is doing. Is he/she vandalizing pages, attacking other users, starting arguments by saying inflammatory things (maybe on the forums or IRC, too), a suspected malicious sockpuppet, etc?
    • If you assume an editor is misusing accounts, contact a checkuser to help deal with the issue.
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    Assume good faith. Being kind and courteous is important. Perhaps this user isn't actually trolling, but is instead angry or upset.
    • Control your temper. No matter how bad the troll is, it's always best to stay calm. Don't overreact or sound angry/annoyed in your response. Who knows? Maybe in some time, that user will be a good faith editor and help out in a constructive way!
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    Give a constructive, friendly warning. Try using a warning template. Kindly ask the editor to please stop his/her trolling behavior and offer assistance.
    • Never threaten, be rude to, or personally attack the user. That's not the community spirit that wikiHow strives for.
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    Ignore the user if their behavior gets worse. If needed, report them to an administrator or post a report on the Administrator Notice Board.
    • You can also contact anyone on the Mediation Team for help with mediating this issue.


  • Remember the guideline don't feed the trolls. This means, don't waste your precious time arguing with them. Put your well-being first.

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