How to Deal with a Talkative Friend

Have you come across someone that talks too much? Do you get annoyed? Want to know how to deal with them without being rude? Read this article to find out how.


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    Make eye contact. This is an indication that you're listening but want to add something to the conversation.
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    Cross your arms. After a minute or two uncross and put them in a way to signal you might want to say something.
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    Find a way out of the conversation. For example, go for a handshake. Usually whoever you're talking to will stop talking and shake your hand. That's when you can say "I got to go".
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    Pretend that you're late. Pretend to check the time, maybe act surprised, then say shoot or something and say that you've got to go wherever. Be polite, don't just run out.
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    Be honest. Just straight out tell the friend they are really talkative and that you're not in the mood of talking at the moment. You don't have to, but according to good manners you should take into account the person's ability to take criticism. Be prepared to have a person get offended and base your decisions on that.
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    Call a friend over. Engage them into the conversation and then make an exit.
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    Smile and nod. If none of the previous steps are applicable, just go quiet, stop adding to the conversation and let the other person talk. They'll run out of things to talk about eventually. Meanwhile you can think about something else like what you're going to cook for dinner.


  • Try to remain polite. Don't say things that you'll regret.
  • Keep in mind that some people may take honesty as hostility. Act accordingly.

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