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Do you hate your job and get an urge to cry each night before a weekday simply because you will wake up to that dreadful morning routine? There's a way to change your mentality to make your day tolerable in the short term, which simultaneously helps you figure out the inevitable career change. First, you must accept that you will change your career, and that your performance in the current job is trivial to your life. If this weren't true, you don't hate your job, and there's no need to read this article.


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    Listen to fun music. Spend time each morning to build a new and fresh playlist featuring your favorite music.
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    Pay the minimalist morning tribute to your income source. Make a list of job related tasks that must be done.
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    Pay a tribute to your soul. That means making a list of non-job related things you'd like to learn today. By this time you're already looking incredibly busy.
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    Answer emails. This wastes time and helps the dullness before lunch go by quickly. Make sure the email has impeccable formatting and grammar. If you want, you can even revise and edit to make it witty.
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    Shift attention away from yourself. Make sure your boss and co-workers "know" that you're doing your job. Volunteer a progress report on your tasks and suggest a meeting to "facilitate communication", and hold others accountable for their "deliverables".
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    Enjoy lunch. If your co-workers are not interesting people, i.e., they have alternating monologues about their acquaintances and families based on tangentially related subjects, don't waste time talking to them. Start reading a good book, fiction or non-fiction - your enlightenment and the chance to gain enough insight about life to gather the courage to switch careers is guaranteed.
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    Nurture your soul. After lunch, you know, during the time when you're supposed to have a "siesta", when all your blood flows to your digestion system, not brain, start a few browser tabs with the non-work related subjects you had made a list about. Spend an hour or two on this. This activity is more important to your well-being than your job! Job is replaceable, but life is not. Live your life learning things you are interested in.
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    Use the law of the universe. You know how space and time are kind of the same - stuffing a lot of things to a small space or time-period creates pressure, and the kinetic energy stored in this system can be harnessed! Now that you have sufficient time-pressure built up to allow a blazing-through of work related tasks, go for it.
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    Remember - Quantity over Quality! Don't obsess - generate word count, spreadsheets, rows of data, formula, lines of code, graphs, files... whatever it is, make it numerous. It's mind-numbing, but don't worry, it will be over before you know it! Spending a small amount of time to do a lot leads to efficiency - you are minimizing the percentage of your life spent on this stupid job.
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    Little did you know, you've done lots of work, and it's almost time to leave!
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    Now reflect on why the hell you're spending at least 60% of your wakeful hours at this job! Do you really need the salary that much? Can't you get the same pay doing something more rewarding? Do the opinions of others as defined by your imagination really matter that much? Chances are, nobody cares about what you're doing with your life, and even if you quit your job and do something else, like starting a business, no one will bother to criticize you - the moment after someone mentions your career change, their conversation/monologue counterparts will just relate a similar story about someone else, and that's the extent to which you will be talked about.
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    One last thing. Don't talk about your job or think about it outside of work. Why let this stupid job take over your private time too?! This is not slavery - you deserve job-free time as a human being.


  • Start figuring out when and how to make a career switch
  • Remember: Quantity over Quality


  • Don't wallow in self-pity - start doing something positive to change your situation.
  • Don't make it obvious that you hate your job - your bonus will be affected, and you might even get fired.

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