How to De Clutter Your Garage

Spring is the perfect time to organize your garage. The weather is mild, the mosquitoes haven’t arrived, and everyone is anxious to use the gardening tools and bicycles and baseball equipment that are stashed in every corner. Here are five steps that will help you enjoy a clutter-free garage all summer long.


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    Zone your space. Assign zones in your garage for each function. For example, a typical garage might store automobile supplies, sports equipment, gardening and lawn care tools, holiday decorations, and spare household supplies. Decide on 3-5 zones that match your needs.
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    Sort and toss. Have a sort and toss party. Set aside a full day, and invite family and friends to help. Pull everything out of your garage and sort it into your pre-determined zones. Also create a trash pile, a give-away pile, and a “belongs-elsewhere” pile.
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    Make decisions. As you sort, decide which items deserve a place in your soon-to-be-clutter-free garage. Only those things that you use and enjoy should be kept. Consider donating those items that you no longer need or want to charity. Or plan a yard sale for the following weekend. Don’t hesitate to throw away things that are broken or unsafe.
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    Store it right. Assign a specific area in your garage for each zone. Gardening tools should be stored together in one place, sports equipment stored together in another. Choose storage units that are the proper size and shape for each category. Think vertically by mounting pegboards and hooks for tools. Mount racks for bicycles and sports equipment on walls or from the ceiling. Line walls with floor to ceiling utility shelves. Store the items used most often in easy-to-reach areas. Reserve high or awkward storage areas for off-season, rarely used items.
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    Maintain it. Don’t let all of your hard work go to waste. Return everything to its assigned home as you use it. Refrain from filling your space with unwanted, unneeded stuff. Schedule a yearly tune-up each spring to keep your garage clutter-free forever. An organized garage will save you time and money as you easily find the things you need. And maybe you can even park your cars in there!

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