How to Date when You're a Tired Parent

Two Parts:Reducing fatigue and staying healthyDating

Tired? Sleep deprived? If you find that feeling exhausted is taking center stage and preventing you from being able to look for a partner because you are too focused on keeping up with your children's busy lives, you may be wondering if this will ever change. With some good organizational skills and a willingness to get support from other people, you're bound to find the energy needed to find the relationship you're after.

Part 1
Reducing fatigue and staying healthy

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    Set a bedtime. While this may seem like a strange thing to do, it is a way of ensuring that your sleep becomes a priority. Being fatigued can make relating with family and friends hard enough, let alone finding the energy to spend time looking for a potential spouse. Your body needs plenty of rest each night to allow you to function properly in the daytime, at your optimal ability. By setting yourself a bedtime and making yourself go to bed at that time, you'll regain the energy needed to overcome the fatigue.
    • Remember too, that sleep deprivation requires catch-up sleep; you cannot keep working on a sleep deficit without it soon becoming a problem.
    • If your children are older, explain that you need to sleep because you are very tired and tell them that if they need help with their homework, they have to present an hour or two before you head off to catch some sleep.
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    Don't overwork yourself. At the beginning of the day, create a checklist of what you want to accomplish. Make sure to set aside some time to relax. Then follow it. If it helps, create a schedule for yourself.
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    Stay healthy and happy. This will help you to feel and appear attractive, and ensures that you preserve your natural beautiful self. Tell yourself before you leave for your date, "I'm totally worthy to date (insert their name here)."

Part 2

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    Use your children's events as an opportunity to find potential love interests. Sure, you are busy shuttling your kids around from place to place. But make the best of it. Seriously. Find other single parents at your daughter's recital, or your son's sport game. You have a life too; make the most of it!
    • Ask people you know if they're aware of who is single if you're not sure. This can help reduce the fear that you're trying to woo a married or partnered person! Plus, you can always ask yourself about the other person's spouse or partner; they'll soon let you know if such a person exists.
    • Ask plenty of questions about the other person and be a good listener. Remember the important details so that they know you are interested in them.
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    Get help from family, friends and neighbors. Ask them if they can babysit the kids some of the time, allowing you to go to events and places where you're most likely to meet people you are interested in. For example, sports events, hobby activities or night classes, can all be potential places to meet single people. Once you start dating people, keep up the babysitting arrangements to help you stay on track with this important part of your life too.
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    Have fun when dating. Dating should be an enjoyable addition to your life, not a chore of lining up people who might be potential partners without actually getting to know them well and having fun in their company. This isn't a business proposition; it should be about compatibility and enjoyment together.
    • Don't date any person who doesn't respect you for who you are. Keep trying, because the perfect person is probably out there somewhere!


  • It's wise to leave the kids out of it until you're absolutely serious about each other. After a couple of months of solid dating, when you're both sure it's going somewhere, then it's probably a good time to tell the kids. Of course, this depends on the maturity of your kids too; if they're able to accept your dating, by all means discuss it earlier but make it clear it's uncertain until it isn't.

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