How to Dash Vault

This tutorial explains how to perform a Dash Vault over an obstacle in Parkour.


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    Run towards the obstacle and jump over it. This is just practice. Do this again and again until you feel comfortable with the jump.
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    Kick your legs forward when jumping over the obstacle. The trick is to bring one leg up first and then follow with the other quickly. This gives the illusion that both legs are coming up together.
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    Try to touch the obstacle with one hand while jumping over it. The idea is just to touch it near the end of your jump. Get comfortable with touching the obstacle before moving on to the next step.
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    Push yourself forward a bit while touching the obstacle.
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    Now touch with two hands. Push yourself off and keep running. This should be a near seamless movement, with little loss of forward momentum.
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    Practice. Then, practice some more. You can never practice too much!


  • If you think you're going to fall, you probably will. Having confidence is very important in parkour. If you don't feel comfortable, don't do it!
  • Do not fear, but also beware from choosing too high an obstacle. Long obstacles like tables aren't dangerous because you will only sit on them.
  • The most important thing is to get your legs up practice jumping around and this will be a breeze.
  • The main trick except the legs and hands is to jump like you're going to sit on the obstacle, and not to jump over it and touch a bit by the hands.
  • You are pretty much jumping over the obstacle and pushing off with your hands


  • Watch if you go over a thin wall or something, that you don't miss the object with your hands... it could turn out badly.
  • Be extra careful when performing dash vaults on rails; your hands might slip or not catch the rail at all and you may injure your tailbone.
  • This move is dangerous. You can hurt your legs if kicking the obstacle when you fly too low. Then you also may fall on your buttocks or back.
  • Always warm up to avoid stretches and similar injury.
  • Make sure your feet are not dangling, or they might catch on the obstacle and you will land on your face.
  • With any vault, you should always be careful not to catch something on the wall or rail, especially on high places, because you could go head first into the ground.

Things You'll Need

  • Clothing for free movement and better effect.
  • Good shoes that can absorb shock.
  • Simple, cotton fingerless gloves are good for palm protection if you plan to jump craggy surfaces.

Sources and Citations

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