How to Dance Tecktonik

Two Parts:Learning the DanceGetting the Look

Tecktonik is a hip hop mashup dance that's spread mostly via YouTube, starting in the streets of Paris. It's huge in Europe, making its way to Australia, and slowly taking over the US. It's becoming a billion-dollar industry; kids as young as 6 are picking up this wickedly popular craze.[1] So -- you want in?

Part 1
Learning the Dance

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    Put on the music: Tecktonik is danced to forms of electro, like dirty, progressive, or new beat; many do it to house electro, too. But stay in the electro house area because it would be weird to tecktonik to happy hardcore, wouldn't it? You could try it, but then you might be at a loss at the club!
    • Need some ideas? DJ Ivan Flash, Marc De Siau, DJ Milok and Tecktologic are good artists to start with. You can also look for remixes of popular hit songs -- the Black Eyed Peas, David Guetta, and Bastille are just a few examples of artists that have picked up on the electro-remix bandwagon.
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    Make big movements with your arms. Tecktonik is a dance that's about 80% am movement and 20% feet movement.[2] And while there are a few standard moves, anything that's sharp, reminiscent of vogue-ing and hip hop, and, most importantly, on beat will make you look like a pro on the dance floor.
    • Some describe it as like a windmill or your body being like a rubber band. Others might describe it as a very eccentric way of directing traffic -- but whatever image you choose, you can see that it's intense, dramatic, and all over the place in a very systematic, patterned manner. You arm might shoot directly up on a downbeat, jab at to your sides, and then make circles above your head. It's crazy, but it also makes sense with the music.
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    Swivel your feet from side to side. Electro music goes pretty fast, so keep your feet moving with each beat. Move both your heels followed by both sets of toes side to side, back and forth. Then, when you start getting comfortable, you can add in some crosses and some weight shifts.
    • And even kicks. Start by bringing up your foot to your butt, winding up for the kick. Then bring your leg out, foot swiftly jutting in front of you and plant it on the ground. You can do this several times in succession, all the while keeping your hands moving swiftly, too.
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    Go over and around your head. One of the signature moves of Tecktonik is sweeping your forearm in front of your head and bringing it around and out to the side. Kind of like you have serious fringe in front of your face that you're sweeping away rhythmically.
    • More often than not, your arms will be somewhere around your shoulders, jutting out to your sides, above your head, or spinning on circles near your neck. From any one of these points, take your left or right hand, point your fingers down, and sweep it in a circling motion around the opposite side of your head.
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    Cross your arms in different ways. A common Tecktonik move is crossing your hands at your wrists and orbiting them around each other, in a twirling motion. You can also circle your forearms and weave them in and out of each other in elaborate, hard-to-follow patterns. Many keep one arm around the core and shoot out the other to the sides, in front, or above them, accentuating the downbeats in the music.
    • Make sure to work on all planes; that is, low, medium, and high; to the right, to the center, and to the left. Switch it up! The more varied your dance, the less repetitive (and more impressive) it is.
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    Add your own flair. While Tecktonik does have fairly standard moves, it's ultimately up to you to add to it your own sense of style and rhythm. Take the basics -- structured yet intense arm movements and light-on-your-feet swivels -- and run with them. As long as you're feeling that beat you'll be ready for anything.
    • Experiment with working on different levels for your entire body. Bring your torso down, your knees up, and get crafty and moving. Come up with intricate patterns for you arms, entwining your wrists, playing with the angles of your elbows, and going in fast and slo-motion. It's up to you!
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    Go to events to hone your skills. Go to clubs, raves, electronic music festivals, and other electronic music gigs to dance at. Meet other "Tecktonikers" and start dancing in public. You and a group of friends can start jamming anywhere, even if it's just in a filled parking lot, at the mall, school, and any other crowded place. Just try it and have fun!

Part 2
Getting the Look

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    Dress like a Tecktoniker. The general style of this -- and there definitely is one -- is skinny jeans and bright, fluorescent shirts. If skinny jeans aren't your style, you could also wear cargo pants, UFO pants, or even leg warmers with gators. Anything that glows is good, too.
    • Tecktonik is an actual brand name, now. You can get sued for using it without running it through the company![2] So if you're in serious doubt over what to wear, buy the trademarked clothes!
    • Remember, true Tecktonikers aren't too picky with clothes and aren't very into fashion; most just want to dance and have a good time.
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    Get the haircut. For girls, put your hair down. It doesn't have to be short or long, but just keep off the top of your head because most Tecktonik moves are up close to your head, a ponytail could offset your style. For guys, the look is a mullet-mohawk combo. That means it's long in the back, short on the sides, and gelled up in the front. Does it get any better?
    • If your job or the 'rents wouldn't approve of the mohawk, get a buzz cut, faux hawk, or Emo style.
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    Get accessorized. In addition to the skinny jeans and fluorescent tees, don't forget bracelets! Lots and lots of bracelets. They can go halfway up your forearm if you want. And if they glow, even better.
    • Seriously, glowing. Check out any rave that has Tecktonik music and get your glow on with glowsticks and body paint. The brighter the better!


  • Search up videos on YouTube and study their movements very closely and pick and mix them into your own so you don't look like a poser.
  • Look up the Wantek Tecktonik team and SMBD.
  • Glowsticking (or, liquidating) is pretty awesome too!


  • Don't brag about knowing Tecktonik. That's the opposite of what Tecktonik is about.
  • Never, ever try to mix any other dance styles with Tecktonik.

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