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Cutting your wedding cake is one of multiple traditions you will be asked to take part in on your wedding day. Knowing how to cut the wedding cake is an important part of the ceremony. Knowing how to do it correctly will relieve any stress you may have about doing the right thing when all eyes are on you.


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    Order your favorite cake flavor for the layer that you are going to cut. Traditionally this is the bottom layer of the cake. Be aware that the little bite you feed to each other when you cut your wedding cake may be the only bite you get all night. You'll be sure to get a taste of your favorite flavor if the cutting layer is your top choice.
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    Choose a keepsake knife and spatula to cut your wedding cake so you can use them on your anniversaries. Ask your family if there are any heirloom utensils you can use to uphold a tradition.
    • You can have the knife and spatula engraved with your new initials or your wedding date.
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    Discuss with your future spouse prior to the wedding how much pomp and circumstance you want the wedding cake cutting to involve. Some couples want to go the whole nine yards and shove cake in each other's faces, while other couples want to take a more tame approach and carefully feed their mate a tiny, neat bite. It is important to have this discussion before the wedding so there are no surprises during the big moment.
    • There is no set rule that you and your partner have to feed each other a bite of the cake. Maybe you'd like to cut the first whole piece of cake together and share it with a fork.
    • Some couples take turns to feed each other, while others do it simultaneously. The choice is yours.
    • Shoving the cake into your spouse's face is messy. It spoils the bride's makeup and risks staining the wedding gown. Many wedding etiquette books recommend against it.
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    Cut the cake at whatever point during the reception that you are ready to serve dessert. Cutting the cake usually occurs straight after the main meal, and there is no need to provide dessert unless you want to, as the cake fulfills this purpose. However, when you decide to cut the cake could vary depending on the structure of your reception, and some wedding venues encourage cake cutting just after the introductions to allow wait staff the time to plate the slices for serving.
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    Announce to your guests that you are getting ready to cut the wedding cake. The cake cutting is a traditional moment at weddings and as such, it is one that your guests will want to witness and capture on video. Even if you don't intend on making it a big to-do, it's still important to let your guests be a part of the moment if they so wish.
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    Place the bride's hand around the knife and then the groom's right hand over hers and cut the cake together. The actual cutting of the cake is more than just slicing off a piece of beautiful, delicious cake. The moment is also symbolic of your new life together, so it is important to do it together. If your cake has decorative ribbon, remove the ribbon in this area before cutting. Cut a "V" shape where the bottom point of the "V" is at the center of the cake. You only need to make 2 cuts and it is easier to remove.
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    Serve your parents their pieces of cake before the rest of the guests. Personally serving your parents their pieces of cake gives you another moment to share with them on your big day. This would be a good time to include grandparents or other relatives and friends that you would like to single out by serving them a special piece of cake.
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    Have the staff of your reception site serve the remainder of the cake to the rest of your guests.


  • Don't forget to save, and freeze, the top layer of your wedding cake for your one-year anniversary. Whether it tastes good or not a year later is hardly the point of the tradition. Pulling out the top layer of your cake on your first anniversary will bring back all of the special memories from that day.
  • You may prefer to send guests home with a piece of cake and to offer desserts as the sweet instead. In this case, provide cake bags for the guests to carry the cake home. Be aware that this is only useful for fruitcakes that can last and it can be a messy option for guests.


  • Be aware that smashing the cake into your spouse's face can result in his/her aspirating the cake (going down the trachea) causing choking, with potentially tragic consequences. If you simply MUST smash the cake, make sure your spouse is aware of your intent, so he/she can avoid breathing in during the act.

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  • Wedding cake

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