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Lawn mowing is a somewhat difficult task that gets progressively easier each time you do it. Mastery of it takes no more than a couple of mows. Here is a basic instruction of how to mow a lawn.


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    Put on the proper protective clothing and/or equipment. This includes long pants (to protect against flying sticks, stones and grass), a hat and/or sunglasses (to keep the sun out of your eyes, so you can mow straighter.) Listening to music through head phones, while enjoyable, may obstruct hearing of warnings of a persons voice, vehicle car horn, or the malfunction of the lawn mower itself.
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    Check the level of the oil and gas in the lawn mower, and fill accordingly. Most modern mowers do not need oil more than once a year.
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    Wear ear protection. Headphones, such as earbuds that come with an iPod, do not protect your hearing. Listening to music while operating a lawn mower is dangerous to your ears.
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    Pick up any toys, big sticks, and/or rocks, especially if you have a bagging mower.
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    Pull all weeds.
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    Edge grass perimeters first. Any remaining grass blades missed will be taken in by mower.
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    Start the mower. Usually this is a push button or a pull cord.
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    Cut the grass. To avoid missing spots make sure that the line between the cut and uncut grass stays inside the mowers far wheel. Start by mowing along the entire perimeter. (Do at least one strip if not two. It helps in tight areas for turning around)
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    Cut in opposing lines: up one direction, reverse beside it, moving gradually until the end. This is just a zig-zag pattern.
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    Always mow in different directions to prevent graining.
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    Check the grass collector from time to time and, if full, empty on suitable compost heap or garden dump.
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    When all desired grass is cut, turn off the engine.
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    Place the mower back where it is stored.


  • In order to fully cash in if doing a neighbors lawn as a job, always cut said lawn on the highest setting, so to making mowing at least once a week mandatory. Also, this does your neighbor a big favor because a long cut is better for the grass if any kind of dry weather is likely.
  • For speed, use the full width of the mower's blade on every pass, try to mow in the longest straight lines possible, do quick turns, balancing the lawn mower well on its back wheels, and build safe speed on the straights (this is where the lower settings come in handy.) As you mow your yard each week, you can develop a strategy or mowing pattern for getting your yard done in the quickest time, economizing the movement of the mower.
  • Lazy / speedy tip: If your mowing long grass without a bag and not wanting to pickup the cut grass always have the right side of the mower towards the perimeter of the property or garden.
  • Cut in different directions each time, to prevent the grass from "wearing out". If you cut horizontally one week, cut vertically or diagonally the next.
  • For good endurance in speed mowing, keep a loose but safe grip on the bar. Wiggle around your fingers to keep your arms loose, so your legs can provide the power. And straight arms can help to transfer the power from your legs without your arms getting tired. The key to endurance is relaxed muscles, and good oxygen intake.
  • Diagonal cut lines are more attractive on front lawn property.
  • Cut the grass at any time of the day, as long as it's not about to be dark. Darkness makes mowing more difficult and makes you more prone to injury from an obstacle you can't see.
  • Wear golf shoes while you mow--the older ones with the spikes are the best. This aerates your turf as you mow.
  • Be careful going around trees if you have to mow right up against the base. The edge of the mower deck can be sharp and do real damage to trees (particularly young trees).
  • If you're mowing your own lawn and are going for speed, put the lawn mower on one of its lower settings. This way you will be able to go over the grass quickly, and it will still cut all of it. Also it will mean you'll have to mow less often.


  • Keep hands away from blades, they may cause bodily harm when contacted with the body.
  • Be aware of debris shooting out of the back or side of the mower. Consider protective eye wear. Small rocks can take the darnedest bounces sometimes.
  • Never wear sandals or other open-toed shoes when mowing the lawn.
  • Always cut horizontally on steep inclines as to avoid losing control of the mower, preferably starting from the top.
  • Always put safety first. Never be out of control of the mower or yourself, and beware of slick grass.
  • Some mowers "hint" at low gas levels, such as waning tones of "slow-fast-slow-fast..." mowing.

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