How to Cut an Orange

Two Methods:Cutting an Orange into PiecesSegmenting an Orange

There are various ways to cut an orange, either by keeping the peel intact or by removing it first, the latter being known as segmenting an orange. This article will explain the different approaches to cutting an orange.

Method 1
Cutting an Orange into Pieces

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    Lay the orange on its side. Place the top (stem) of the orange facing either side.
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    Cut the orange in half vertically.
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    Lay each half on your cutting board (face up or face down).
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    Slice each half into three pieces, angling the knife toward the center of the orange.
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Method 2
Segmenting an Orange

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    Clean the orange peel. Wash it and scrub with a vegetable brush.
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    Pare the rind (peel) and white pith from the orange. Use a small sharp knife. It's recommended that you do this over a bowl, so as to catch the orange juice.
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    Using the sharp knife, cut down both sides of the dividing membranes. This will remove the segments. The orange segments can now be used as wished.
    • If preferred, you can cut the orange into rounds or rings rather than dividing the membranes into segments.


  • Watch out for squirting liquids.
  • Don't cut yourself with the knife.

Things You'll Need

  • Knife
  • Orange
  • Chopping board (sterilized).

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