How to Cut a Starfruit

The starfruit is one of the weirdest looking fruits. It is called the star fruit because of the distinct shape, which resembles a star. It is golden yellow, and has a smooth feeling to the touch. They are decorative, and can be cut into thin star slices that can decorate salads or fruit bowls.


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    Wash the fruit in cold water and clean the fruit of any debris.
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    Cut the fruit along the width so when you cut it you will have little star strips.
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    You can then put it in salads, fruit bowls, or just eat like that!


  • You can place these around nearly any dish add a little fun to the food!
  • These are good with strawberries and sugar placed in dessert bowls which will seem elegant even for a family supper!
  • After you cut it you may want to wash your hands so if you touch your eyes it will not sting.
  • If you want to sweeten or bring out the flavor, sprinkle a little salt (yes, salt not sugar), like corn it will bring out the flavor of the fruit and it will be sweeter.


  • Starfruit, like all citrus fruits, has acids, be careful of your eyes and open wounds.
  • Children should always be supervised when using a knife for any purpose.
  • Since you will be using a knife, use caution when cutting the fruit.

Things You'll Need

  • Starfruit
  • Knife
  • Cutting surface

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