How to Cut a Lotus Stem in Kashmiri Style

Lotus Stem is a main vegetable used in the Kashmiri Cuisine. In fact, it is known to be the heart of their food. It is used for cooking in the Kashmir Valley in many ways. This article will show how to cut it in a typical Kashmiri style.


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    Take a Lotus Stem.

    Lotus Stem
    • Look out if the stem has any brown patches or not. In case there are any patches present, remove the portion or cut and separate the part which is brown.
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    Cut one node present on right side of the lotus stem.
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    Cut the second node present on the left hand side of the stem.
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    Check whether the respective part is good enough to cut by the knife -- by seeing whether it can be fixed, or why "if not".
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    Check whether there is mud present in the lotus stem or not. Wash the stem thoroughly under running water to remove any mud completely from inside the stem.
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    Take a knife and start scraping the upper layer of the stem.
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    Finish scraping until the other end of the stem.
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    Use a peeler as it other way for removing the upper skin of the stem.
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    Removed skin from the entire stem.
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    Place the lotus stem under the running water.
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    Check if the water is rushing out of the stem from the other end -- if not then wash it more, until water runs through it.
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    Cut round slices from the lotus stem.
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    Cut a big piece from the stem.
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    Cut the big piece into two pieces lengthwise.
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    Make slices across each piece, or chop.
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    Check out the three different ways of cutting the lotus stem.
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    Place the chopped pieces in cold water for a few hours to remove any remaining mud and soil particles. Allow mud to settle. Remove the pieces and rinse again. Repeat soaking and rinsing until clean.


  • It takes a sharp knife to cut the lotus stems.


  • Scrape lightly to remove only the outermost skin of the lotus stem, not wasting the good part.

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