How to Cut a Kohlrabi Stalk

Kohlrabi is a well known vegetable in India. Green or purple, the vegetable's name means cabbage (kohl) turnip (rabi), and tastes like a cross between the two. It is widely used in cooking in Northern India. There are many delicacies made from it.


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    Take a bunch of kohlrabi.
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    Untie the knot of the string.
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    Separate kohlrabies from each other.
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    Take one kohlrabi.
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    Remove the stalks present at the top of the bulb.
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    Keep the leaves together.
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    Check whether there are any impurities or germ/fungus growth on either side of the leaves.
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    Cut the leaves into three parts only.
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    Do not cut small leaves.
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    Remove the hard outer skin of the bulb with the help of the knife.
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    Cut the desired pieces from the kohlrabi.


  • Do not throw away the stalks; the leaves and tender parts of stalks can be cooked as greens.
  • Kohlrabi is sweeter than turnip and more delicate than cabbage. It can be eaten raw, shredded, or cooked. The heads may be prepared whole, sliced or mashed.
  • Cut the leaves with the fingers only.


  • Germs might be washed off under the running water.

Things You'll Need

  • Knife to cut the kohlrabi.

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