How to Customize wikiHow Pages

Have you noticed that many wikiHow members have colorful and customized user and talk pages? If you'd like your pages to look just as cool read on.


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    Contact a page designer. This is the easiest solution, considering that it's pretty easy to find a page designer and you don't have to do any work. Page designers range from experienced to inexperienced, so it might be a good idea to look into some pages that the designer has customized to get a feeling for what they can do. The best page designers are often very active members of the site in other ways as well, so check out the "community" page and and look for members who have been really active. Experienced designers will have sections on their pages letting you know to leave them a message if you want your page designed, so look for that. Just go ahead and ask them if they can help you design your page and they'll be more than willing.
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    Gather at least a minor knowledge of coding. Coding is responsible for everything you see on html sites. To the typical eye it looks like a bunch of gibberish but the trained eye sees bright colors, pictures and templates. You can learn through online sites, books or word of mouth. If you ask a page designer to teach you how to design your page they can probably help you gather a minor knowledge of coding, at least enough to add colors to your pages.
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    Sift through templates. UIBs are small boxes that usually tell the reader something about the author. If you search "UIBs" on wikiHow you should be able to find a list of current UIBs to use on your page. Other templates usually have customized messages, so you can say anything you want when you use them, and are a little big bigger. Templates are always contained within {{}} signs.
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    Consider making your own templates if you can't find one you like. There are a lot of ways to make a template. A quick online search could help you discover the best way for you to go about it. You can also create your own templates on wikiHow is you don't understand any of the other template creating resources. Once again, get in touch with a page designer and ask them if they can help you create a template and they'll probably be happy to help.
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    Always check your images for copyright. Most images belong to a specific person or group. Unless you can find a place that says that that specific images can be used be the public you shouldn't use it.
    • Rule of Thumb:Unless you took the picture or got it off wikiHow image picker you shouldn't use it.
    • Check before you use: if you want to use an image of Google images or any other image resource you should check and make sure the website author gives you permission to use the image. If you can't find written and reproducible proof that it is not a copyright violation to use the image you shouldn't use it.
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    Learn how to format a page. This is a pretty easy task. You can do a search on wikiHow or ask most anyone who's been on the site for more than a couple of months and they'll probably be able to help you. This is important because this will help you decide where to place things on your page and make it look good.
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    Design your page however you like. Finally it's time to use all the knowledge you've obtained so far and edit your page. Press edit at the top of your talk or user page and begin the process of transferring code and pictures and templates onto your page. When you're done press preview and view your page. Read everything you've written carefully for errors and check to make sure everything looks just right. If you're completely happy with it press publish and then you're done.


  • If you're interested in editing other people's user pages seek permission from them first so that your edits don't get reverted.

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