How to Customise an Outfit

So maybe you're at a party and you have the same outfit as another guest. Maybe you have a copycat on your trail. Maybe you just want to spruce up an old outfit. Whatever it is, read this guide to make the most of customizing an outfit.


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    Search around for unused accessories. You're bound to have some, but if not, visit a charity or bargain shop. You'll find plenty of items, like scarves, belts, hairbands, bracelets, you name it. You can find it!
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    Work out what needs to be done. If you have a plain white tee and black jeans, what needs to be added is color, individuality and something that sets it apart from all the rest.
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    Be creative. Use thin silk scarves as makeshift belts by threading them through the belt loops of your jeans/trousers. Twine two bracelets together to make one unique one. Don't forget - even accessories can be accessorized...
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    You can be thrifty! Customizing doesn't mean spending your savings on jewelry. It can be really, really simple. You can even get fabric pens or paint and draw patterns on your jeans. You could turn a headscarf into a neckerchief. You can imitate designer ideas and turn your clothes into a proper outfit, if you know how. Which hopefully you do after reading this.
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    Don't be afraid to break away from the crowd. If you clicked on this, or even stumbled upon it accidentally, it will be because you want to know how to customize, which you can't do safely. Making yourself stand out is a confident person's thing to do. So don't hide self-consciously because you don't look the same as all the others. That's the point of customization.
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    Ask opinions. Greet your friends with a "Hi, love the (insert clothing here)". If they don't congratulate you in return, say casually, "How do you like my new look?" Hopefully they will be nice to you. If not, think about why not. What could you do to improve?


  • If you have a copycat on your trail, this is a good way to get them to take the hint. If they start copying your accessories too, sit them down and gently talk. Be kind!
  • Wear with pride.
  • Either gender can benefit from customization. Boy or girl, man or woman, there's no harm in standing out and sprucing up.
  • If you want to customize all your outfits consider having one unique 'signature' item you wear in every outfit!


  • You might be copied but don't worry; if somebody copies you its because they love your idea! (See tip 1)

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