How to Cure Stomach Ache with Ginger

Three Methods:Making Ginger Root TeaMaking Ginger JuiceUsing Simple Methods to Take Ginger

Ginger root has had a long history of being used to treat stomach aliments and has been shown to be effective in this role.[1] Ginger is usually made into either a tea or juice and both recipes are easy to follow and make. You can also try eating ginger raw, making your own ginger ale or enjoying a ginger candy. The next time you aren't feeling well, try using ginger root to help soothe your upset stomach.

Method 1
Making Ginger Root Tea

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    Get set up before making the tea. Before you get started preparing your ginger tea, it's a good idea to gather up all of your ingredients and tools. Having everything in front of you can help making the tea to be both easier and faster. Take a few minutes to make sure you have the following ingredients and tools:[2]
    • A ginger root.
    • Something to peel the ginger with.
    • About 2 cups of water.
    • Honey or other optional ingredients you might want to add for flavor.
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    Wash and peel the ginger. Washing the ginger before you prepare it can help remove any pesticides, dirt or other material from the ginger. You'll also want to remove the outside skin of the ginger root before you brew it as a tea, as it can affect the flavor.[3]
    • Make sure you scrub the ginger thoroughly.
    • Peel the entire skin off of the ginger root.
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    Cut the ginger into thin slices. After you have washed and peeled the ginger root, you can cut it into slices to prepare it for the blender. Cutting the ginger into slices will help it soak into the tea more easily, resulting in a stronger flavor. Try to get the ginger root into the thinnest slices that you can before adding it to the tea.[4]
    • You could also try grating the ginger instead of cutting it.
    • You will only need to use about one or two inches of prepared ginger root.
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    Boil the water and add the ginger. Once you've prepared the ginger, you can get the tea water ready. Add about two cups of water to a tea kettle. Turn the heat on and bring the tea water to a boil. Add your ginger to the boiling water and continue the boil for around three minutes before removing everything from the heat.[5][6]
    • Don't leave anything on the stove-top unattended.
    • You can experiment with how much ginger and water you use to find the perfect flavor.
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    Strain the tea and enjoy. Once you've removed the tea from the heat, all that's left to do is strain out the ginger pieces. Run the tea water through a strainer to catch the larger pieces of ginger, leaving you with only the ginger tea water. Add any other flavors you might want, wait for it to cool a bit and enjoy.[7]
    • You might want to add honey to sweeten the flavor of your tea.
    • Adding a pinch of sugar can be a quick way to sweeten the tea.
    • Some people enjoy adding lemon or lime juice to their ginger tea.

Method 2
Making Ginger Juice

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    Get ready to make the ginger juice. Before you get started making ginger juice, it can be helpful to gather your ingredients and tools. Getting everything you need in one place can make it easier to make the ginger juice and will let you know if you're missing anything. Gather these ingredients and tools together before you start making your ginger juice:[8]
    • 1 ginger root
    • A blender
    • Water
    • Sugar
    • Lemon or lime juice
    • A strainer
    • A spoon
    • A pitcher to hold the juice
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    Prepare the ginger and add it to the blender. You won't need to peel the ginger root before you add it to the blender. However, you will need to cut the ginger root into smaller slices. This will help your blender process the root more easily and allow the flavor to be more pronounced.[9]
    • You will need to wash the ginger root before cutting it up. Make sure you completely scrub the ginger root to remove any dirt or pesticides before using it.
    • You will need to cut up one whole ginger root.
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    Prepare extra ingredients. Some people recommend adding other fruits or vegetables to the juice. Adding other fruits and vegetables can make for some healthy and great tasting juices, so take some time and think about some of your favorite flavors. Once you've picked a few additional fruits or vegetables out, peel and chop them up to prepare them for the blender.[10][11]
    • Always wash your fruits and vegetables.
    • Apples, pears and carrots are recommended additions to your ginger juice.
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    Add water and blend. Once you've prepared your ginger root, you can add it to the blender. You'll also need to add water to the blender before you turn it on. You can add as much water as you like, but it should at least cover all the ginger in the blender. Once both the ginger and the water are in the blender, blend both until they have fully mixed.[12]
    • Using the pulse setting on your blender can help finely chop the ginger root up.
    • Make sure the ginger root is blended as much as it can be.
    • You can also mix in your additional fruits or vegetables at this point.
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    Strain and press the mix. After you've blended the ginger and water, you will need to strain the mixture into your juice container. Straining the mix will remove the solid ginger mash from the water, leaving you with only the ginger juice.[13]
    • You can press the mash into the strainer with a spoon to get even more juice out of it.
    • Don't throw the ginger mash out just yet.
    • Make sure you've gotten all the juice out of the ginger that you can.
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    Repeat until the container is full. Once you've blended and strained the ginger root, you can repeat the process a few more times to fill up your juice container. Add the ginger mash to the blender again, add water, blend, strain and press until you've filled up your juice container with ginger juice.[14]
    • You can save the ginger mash and make ginger tea with it.
    • The leftover ginger mash can now be composted or disposed of.
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    Add in other flavors you might like. You can add any other flavors you might enjoy to your ginger juice. Some people enjoy sweetening the juice with either honey or sugar. Adding in some lemon or lime juice can balance out the flavor of the ginger. Have fun and experiment with flavors that you enjoy.[15][16]

Method 3
Using Simple Methods to Take Ginger

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    Eat some fresh ginger. The simplest way you can use ginger to treat an upset stomach is to eat it fresh. Preparing ginger root in this way is simple and quick, allowing you to relieve your upset stomach fast. Try using these steps to make a tasty and healthy ginger root snack:[17]
    • Peel and wash your ginger root.
    • Cut the ginger root into small pieces.
    • Add some salt to the ginger slices.
    • Enjoy the ginger as is or add it to your favorite meals.
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    Take ginger capsules or eat ginger candy. If you are not feeling well, it can be difficult to prepare a ginger based tea, juice or ginger ale. Thankfully, ginger root can be taken in convenient ways such as a small capsule or tasty ginger candies. These methods can still deliver the soothing effects of ginger, while cutting out the work of preparing the ginger root itself.[18][19]
    • Ginger capsules will contain a dose of powdered ginger. Be aware, that in some cases powdered ginger had side effects such as bloating, heartburn, gas or nausea.
    • You might also enjoy buying and using crystallized ginger pieces.
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    Make your own ginger ale. Drinking ginger ale can be a delicious way to treat an upset stomach. You can make your own ginger ale at home, using only a few ingredients. You will need ginger root, club soda, sugar and a lemon for some additional flavor. Try using these steps to make your own homemade ginger ale:[20]
    • Clean, peel and chop up a ginger root. Put the ginger into 2 cups of hot water.
    • Let the ginger steep for 5 minutes and allow it to cool for 20 minutes.
    • Add a cup of sugar to hot water. The sugar should be allowed to dissolve totally before being removed and allowed to cool.
    • Mix 1/2 cup of the club soda and ginger water with 1/3 cup of the simple sugar mix you've made.
    • Squeeze in some lemon juice if you'd like to add extra flavor.
    • Enjoy your ginger ale.


  • Ask your doctor if ginger tea or juice is safe for you to consume.

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