How to Curb Side Recycle

Many communities nationwide bring curb side recycling to the home. With environmental concerns increasing, it offers individuals the chance to do something positive for the benefit of all.


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    Obtain a bin for curb side recycling, if you don't already have one. Call your city hall or other applicable administration area for information.
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    Find out the day of the week that your recyclables are picked up. Write it down on your calendar if necessary until it becomes a habit for you.
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    Obtain a recycling rules information sheet, if one is available, so you will know what is allowed for recycling and how it should be placed in the bin.
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    Set up an area within your house and/or garage where your recycling can be sorted. It helps to provide bins classified and labeled: glass, metal, paper, cardboard, and so on, to make your weekly sorting much more convenient. However, just paper bags can be labeled accordingly, also.
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    Make sure you put out clean recyclables without food residue.
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    Wait before placing recyclables in the bin until you have enough volume to make it worthwhile. You might have full bags of paper and glass one week, but half a bag of metal, for instance. Place the paper and glass bags out for pickup, but let the metal bag fill further until next pickup.
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    Bring your pickup bin back to your house or garage as soon as you can once the recycling has been picked up.
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    Talk up recycling to your neighbors in order to gain a greater involvement in your area.
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    Remember that you may save money within your household by recycling, since all the items that you recycle will not be going into your garbage container, and you might be able to downsize your garbage bin.
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    Show all family members what is involved with recycling: the sorting area, the allowed items, how to identify the right recyclable plastics, and so on. It will be your goal to recycle everything possible, so that nothing is put in the garbage that could be recycled.


  • Occasionally hose out your recycling bin to keep it clean.
  • Do not place your recycling bin at the curb earlier than the night before pickup.
  • Know what items are allowed for recycling and strictly follow the guidelines.

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