How to Curb Appetite and Kill Chocolate Cravings with Hoodia Gordonii

We hear about different non-medicated ways to curb appetite, like eating grains, drinking green tea, more water etc.If they work for you to curb appetite, great! But what about if they don't? Consider purchasing the herbal supplement hoodia gordonii. Food is often our therapy when under stressed, is it not? We eat and eat when we are stressed ... That is how we get those extra pounds that are so hard to drop. Hoodia does help, but it is not by any means a miracle pill. The author has not tried it after the intensive physical exercise. But the author did try it when having intense chocolate cravings and it did work.


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    You can purchase it from a suggested 'verified authenticity' source website: or cheaper, but also works well at
    • Also a good place to purchase hoodia gordonii is a Health Store.
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    Follow the instruction on the bottle. As a general rule - take 1 capsule about 30 minutes prior to each meal
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    Take 1 capsule every 2-3 hours for the real strong chocolate (or other sweet) cravings.
    • You may want to do it at the beginning until your stomach is "tamed". Then you will not have to take it this often.
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    As you continue taking hoodia your stomach is getting used to, stops "screaming" for sweets and as a result you will not eat as much at all and you will lose weight.


  • As an alternative you may consider purchasing a homeopathic mild appetite suppressant Hyland # 2 calc. phos. 6x #2 which can be found at your closest Whole Foods store.
  • You can see how the medication bottle looks in
    • Take 4 tiny pills about 30 minutes prior to each meal
  • If you forgot to take a capsule before meal you can take it right after meal so you will not be tempted to dig into the cookie jar.
  • None of these herbal medications give any known side effects. However you must look at the bottle for the possible drug interactions with your current medication, or consult your doctor if you are unsure.
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  • Do not expect to see the results overnight. Hoodia will help but it may take awhile.

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