How to Crush a Can With Your Bare Hands

Soda cans generally need to be crushed so that you can fit more in the recycling bag, but you don't want to search around for those shoes to crush cans, and you don't want to have to go find a floor suitable for doing that, either. This article will teach you how to crush a can with your hands and nothing else.


  1. Image titled GetACan Step 1
    Find a can that you want to crush. If you plan to trade the can(s) in for money, make sure that the can is all in one piece (you don't need to worry about the tab at the top).
  2. Image titled PinchMiddle Step 2
    Pinch the sides together at the very middle of the can. If you can, try to get the insides to touch.
  3. Image titled PinchBottom Step 3
    Near the top and bottom, pinch the can together at right angles to the last pinch.
  4. Image titled TwistCan Step 4
    Twist the can in either direction. This will shorten the can's length and, surprise, make it much easier to crush with a press-together force.
  5. Image titled FlatCan Step 5
    Check the width. The can ought to be mostly flat, but if you want to, you can squeeze it together and crush it some more.

A video demonstration: [1].


  • Drink the contents of the can first. You don't want to spill it all over yourself!

If you think it's easier, use your foot. Step on it.


  • Do it carefully,don't cut yourself.
  • Don't attempt to crush the can with your forehead; it works if you do it right, but it really hurts.

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