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Three Methods:For any successful crossplayMale Crossplaying as Female CharacterFemale Crossplaying as Male Character

So you want to crossplay as a specific character--who happens to be of the opposite gender. It's a little more complicated than simply learning how to crossdress, because you're trying to imitate a particular character.

Method 1
For any successful crossplay

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    Study your character religiously. Play all of their games, watch all of the shows they are in, or read every piece of manga they grace the pages of.
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    Research on crossplay websites. See if anyone else has crossplayed this character before- find out how they did it and if you can, ask them for tips.
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    Make notes and sketches on how you're going to make yourself convincing.

Method 2
Male Crossplaying as Female Character

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    Buy or make a costume; make sure that it will fit you. Shoes are a must.
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    Get a bargain bra and pad it out with tissue paper, rags or whatever you have in hand.
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    Grow your hair out or buy a wig if the character has long hair. Make sure your hair looks nice.
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    Shave your legs, any facial hair you might have and, if they seem a bit beastly, your lower arms too.
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    Practice walking and talking like a girl. Be sure not to overdo it or you will be less convincing, but make sure you practice especially hard if you're going to have to walk in high heels.

Method 3
Female Crossplaying as Male Character

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    Get a friend to help you bind down your chest, especially if your male character wears a figure hugging outfit. If you're not particularly busty, this isn't quite so necessary, but it's recommended if your character wears anything like a tank top. Use either a binder or a compression shirt for this. DO NOT USE ACE BANDAGES OR TAPE, as these can cause fluid buildup in your lungs. If you use a binder, make sure you know how to prevent injuries and fluid buildup in your lungs.
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    Think about hair. Luckily most men in anime have long girly locks anyway, but if the character you've chosen doesn't, are you willing to have your hair cut short just to play him? If not, consider a wig. Even if you have long hair, you CAN fit it all under a short wig! Likewise, if your character is supposed to wear a hat, you can take advantage of it by simply tucking your hair into the hat.
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    Throw yourself into the role, swaggering about like you imagine he would. Take on any of his gruff mannerisms (if crossplaying a butch man, it's likely he has nicknames for girls such as "doll" etc.)


  • Use make-up as shading to change the shape of your face or enhance certain areas to make you appear more like the opposite sex.

Men: try using small balloons filled with warm water drained of air bubbles, as breast and bra fillers, they bounce like real breasts, as you move in heels. Be careful, however, as quick movements or jostling may cause them to fall out of the bra.

  • WOMEN: Busty women (D cup or above) may have real difficulty in realistically portraying a male character. Try to go for one who wears a baggy top, and wear a non padded bra, such as a sports bra.
  • MEN: It is not suggested you make a serious attempt at this if you have a very bulky/muscular physique, or if you are excessively hairy.
  • If all else fails, you could always attempt a gender bent version of the character- those are usually quite popular as well.
  • MEN: Spend as much time as you can padding your bra so it looks realistic. There is nothing alluring about lumpy breasts on an anime character!


  • NEVER use Duct Tape or tape on bare skin to bind - you could rip off layers of skin when you unbind at the end of the day giving you a painful, bloody mess. Furthermore, Duct Tape is not breathable and will cause chafing and discomfort. If you still insist on using Duct Tape, do it safely. Put on a light camisole that you won't mind ruining first, and apply the tape to the shirt. This will make for a less painful and dangerous removal. Do this at your own risk.
  • WOMEN: Be aware of how tightly you are binding. Too tight of a binding is not only uncomfortable, but can hinder breathing or leave bruises.
  • Be aware that if you are successful, people may actually mistake you for a member of the opposite sex. Be prepared to get wolf whistles from those you wouldn't normally expect to!

Things You'll Need

  • Costume
  • Wig
  • Make-up
  • Practice acting like your character

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