How to Creatively Express Yourself in a Boring Dorm Room

The goal of this article is to help you get ideas flowing to creatively express yourself in a boring dorm room. Of course the key thing to remember here is that it is YOUR room; YOU will be decorating it and it's YOUR creativity that will bring it alive. I simply included examples and tools to help you get started on your free-to-be you room.


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    Figure out what things are not allowed in your college’s dorm room. Certain items such as tapestries and tacks in the walls are not allowed in most dorms. Other obvious items that are usually not allowed include candles, incense, extra furniture, curtains, and illegal items.
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    Look at the type of room and how much space you will be dealing with. Check out the walls in your room. The walls are where you have the most space to be creative. They’re blank spaces that you can take control of and make your own. Another thing to check out is the desk and shelving space. A lot of items such as picture frames, desk lamps, and books are likely to be kept here.
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    Think about what your favorite interests and colors are. Do you have a favorite perfume or cologne? You can use that box as a decoration by putting it on your desk or shelves. Do you have a favorite brand or designer? You can cut out a piece from their shopping bag and hang it on your wall. For example, I’m really into fashion and traveling. For some of you it may be sports, animals, cars, or even art. Also start thinking about what color scheme, if any at all, you would like to center you creativity around. I really like the color scheme of black and pink, so I revolved a lot of my dorm items around those colors.
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    Pick out pictures from your computer to print out. Pick out some of your favorite pictures that you have accumulated over the years, whether off your computer or that you already had printed out. Also check places like Facebook to find pictures of you with friends that would be perfect for your room. The more the pictures you have, the more options you have with what to do with them. Pictures are the most creative items you can have because they all have to do with you.; you’ve either taken them, or you’re in them.
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    Go to a store and buy some magazines. You may even have old magazines lying around that you can cut pages out of. Check with friends and see if they have any old magazines lying around that they wouldn’t mind you cutting up. Magazines are the second best creative item because you can do so much with them. You can make a collage, create “wallpaper”, cut out letters and spell out your name, etc. The possibilities are endless.
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    Go to a home decorations store and pick out novelty items. Once you’ve picked out your color schemes, you can go to stores like Home Goods or Marshalls and pick up items that match. Such items could include pillows, rugs, blankets, canvas-art, desk lamps, pictures, frames. Going to flea markets and thrift shops can also be a cheaper alternative. A unique item I found at a thrift shop is a vintage tissue box cover that matched my color scheme. (you’ll see it in the video below)
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    Place items on your wall. After you’ve figured out what items you wish to put on your wall, and where to put them, think about how you’re going to apply them there. Put them together to form a shape, such as a heart or star. Arrange your magazine cutouts to form a theme that centers on your favorite interests. Put stuff on your wall so that when you walk in to your room you will see these things right upon entering.
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    Enjoy your new space. When people come into your room they should be able to pick up on certain interests of yours. Aside from other people and most importantly-there is you. When you come into your room you should feel that it truly is YOUR room.


  • Making a list can help you from feeling overwhelmed. Make a post-it for each wall, each shelf and desk and write each item that you want to put in those places.
  • Organize each Post-It so that you know exactly where to go to get what you need
  • Fast and easy places to print out pictures at are usually pharmacies such as CVS Pharmacy and Walmart. (You can check out or to see prices of printing pictures and items that you wish to buy)
  • Tools like sticky tack and Command wall hooks work best for dorm walls because they don’t leave a mess after you take the stuff down, and won’t take off the paint. They can also be purchased at the same places where you can printout pictures, as well as any other similar stores.
  • Space is a big issue in dorms. Keep in mind that clothing and schoolbooks may have to hold higher priority over decorating items regarding shelves and desk space.


  • Coming home to a room that makes you feel sad or depressed can happen if the room is still dull and boring like when you first moved in.
  • Make sure the items you have in your room are legal and up to your dorm buildings’ standards. You don’t want to get written up or have further action taken against you for having illegal items.
  • When people come into your room you don’t want people to think your boring or non-creative. Put stuff on the walls, on your desk, on shelves and make people ask questions about the stuff in your room.

Things You'll Need

  • Chalk to write quotes and such on walls (comes off easily on most walls)
  • Sticky tack
  • Command Strip wall hooks
  • Magazines of your favorite interest
  • Pictures
  • Picture frames
  • Different items you’ve collected throughout your travels
  • Mementos

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