How to Create Your Reality by Following Your Own Guidance

There are many philosophies about how to live life, be happy, and fulfill your purpose, desires, and duty. They all have nuggets of wisdom sprinkled across page after page of instructions. It is however very often difficult to wrap your head around what is actually being told. They tell you what to do, what not to do, and it's not always easy to see the difference. In general they tell you something that someone may or may not have said at some point in history. The question is what does that have to do with your most immediate here and now. So these steps have nothing to do with religion. These are about life and how to take full control over your own reality without listening to doctrines that make no sense to you. Simple spirituality; a life in joy.


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    Accept the now. Consider for a moment where you are in time and space. Think of it in simple terms and feel the emotion that comes with it. Now, take a deep breath and speak in your mind or out loud the obvious truth: "It is what it is and I am where I am." Realize that that is okay. Because you are where you are; nothing can change the past and there is nowhere to go from here but forward. You are where you are and that has to be okay." Take another breath and tell yourself: "I am okay." You may not completely believe it yet and for the moment that is okay too.
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    Accept what is. Look around. Consider your situation. Think of the big picture and try not to focus on details. You will come to think of something that bothers you. Focus on that specific thing for a moment let it be what it is for now. It is what it is. Now, look for something positive. It can be the slightest detail that, when it comes right down to it, is not so bad. Think about that and only that.
    • It could be something silly like: "That arsehole... He's actually really skilled at what he does. No, really. He does know what he is doing. He is an asset here at work. He's not all bad really." Keep pondering the one positive aspect and try to appreciate that one thing. Focus on the good and realize that there is something positive about all things when you break it down in pieces.
    • Think: "This piece of crap washing machine has been around for a long long time it's quite amazing how many loads of laundry it has cleaned for me. Not bad at all come to think of it."
    • Try this little trick on everything around you; Government, "Oh hell, all politicians aren't corrupted. There's actually lots of good people doing great work. I can appreciate that.", Illness: "Actually, I feel like crap but you know, It's nice to get a rest from work and my toes don't hurt at all. Not one little bit, and this tea tastes wonderful. Oh, and the weather is clearing up. Nice."
    • Find what feels good, and don't pay any attention to what doesn't. It may not feel easy yet but the more you do it, the easier it gets.
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    Accept others' thoughts. We are all different, unique human beings. We have opinions and beliefs. Accepting that variety of thought is the next step. You have opinions and beliefs. Now give everyone else the right to have opinions and beliefs. Accept that what others think of you has nothing to do with you. You are who you are and nothing they do or feel can change you. If you find yourself in a situation where some person is rubbing you the wrong way you have two choices. You can choose to let it bother you. Or, you can decide not to let it bother you.
    • Think of it as an opportunity and actively look for that tiny positive thing. Remember that there is something positive in all encounters. Whether you stick around or walk away; keep in your thoughts: "They have no idea of who I really am. It's okay if they don't care for me and truth is that if what they think bothers me it is because I kind of have that opinion of myself." Most importantly though; remember that they are not you and that they have their own life, opinions, beliefs, and issues that have nothing at all to do with you. Nothing, nada, not a thing. Work on you, not them.
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    Accept that what you give is what you get. Know that if you care about yourself and believe you have worth, nothing anyone says or does will bother you. Know that you are an awesome human being. Know that you are you and there is no one like you. A beautiful creature always deserving of happiness and joy. Whether you believe in forces within or without your physical body, do know that your attitude, mood, enthusiasm, negativity, and in fact all of your emotions, affect the world around you. When you look at something in anger, you see ugly. When you look at something and appreciate it, you see beauty. What you give is what you get and when we talk of giving, it is talking of happiness, fun, appreciation, not money or services.
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    Care about how you feel, and back off. You might have noticed that if you are upset, nothing goes right. If you are sad, nothing inspires you. If you complain, the complaining never stops and the problem gets bigger and bigger for every new thought. If you talk to someone with a bad attitude, you start to behave just as bad. When you argue and push for your argument, the opponent pushes back even harder. It never stops. If you start thinking crap about anything, more crappy thoughts come to you and you get crappier every minute. It's a spiral that can't be stopped. But it doesn't have to be that way.
    • Back off from any argument; because feeling good is more important than being right. Look away from the ugly and focus to find something interesting, beautiful, fascinating, or silly somewhere near; because feeling good is more important than thinking that someone should fix this broken world. Move your attention from things you can't control anyway, because feeling good is more important than analyzing why you don't feel good. It leads nowhere. Your happiness benefits everyone around you. Everything looks brighter. Everything is more fun. Everything offer inspiration and insight if watched through slightly rose tinted glasses. It's okay to feel good. It's not selfish to be happy. Everyone benefits and the universe appreciates you.
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    Turn off the TV. If you watch any channel for any length of time it is obvious that the world is in a bad way. Humans are doomed to sickness and misery. Nature is crying for your sympathy. Children are... War is.... politics, the economy, prisons, racism.... It is not that way. You know it's not that way. There is more positivity around this beautiful planet than there is misery. There is more joy than desperation. There are more good people than dictators. It's simply not true that the world is falling apart, and what is more important than that: even if it were, you are not responsible. There is nothing you can do to save this planet from all those imaginary threats that they want to frighten us with on the hourly news.
    • Tell yourself this: "Okay, if I decide to feel miserable and scared and guilty for the rest of my life, then maybe someone in a poor country can live happily for a while." Say what? Is that not the most morbid and stupid plan ever? How can it possibly benefit anyone when you are frightened and overwhelmed by hyped up news stories? Who? anyone? Turn it off. Decide not to watch or listen to the news for thirty days. See what happens. By making that choice you are actually making the choice of caring for how you feel. You want to feel good. You want to be excited, loving, fun. You want to feel confident, enthusiastic, inspired, optimistic. If you can be that and still watch the news, you are a rare human being and you are way beyond this how-to.
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    Meditate. Meditation is not as difficult as people tend to imagine. What we suggest here is not about lotus positions and fasting or solitude retreats in search for enlightenment. Forget all that. Now, if that is your thing, then do that. But that is not what we are talking about here. The goal is to calm the monkey brain for the purpose of clarity and simple well being. You can sit back in a comfortable chair, sit cross-legged if that works for you. There are meditation stools that are really comfortable even sitting on them for long periods of time. Lying down is an option too but if you find you fall asleep easily, you might want to choose something else.
    • It really is simple: Find your comfortable position, preferably where it's the perfect temperature, not a lot of distractions, no people bugging you. Now, breathe. Focus on your breathing. Follow it, listen to it, feel how it feels in your body, and count them if you want. A noise such as white noise, or calming music, a dripping faucet, cars in the distance can calm you down. Focus on those sounds and observe them not as bad noise but as something to focus your mind on. Breathe comfortably and allow the breathing to slow. Don't try to force it into some pattern that doesn't feel natural. It's supposed to be comfortable and relaxing.
    • An easy trick if the mind feels really too overwhelmed is to focus on the breathing and as you breathe in; count to three, breathe out and count to four. Counting as you breathe, not in between breaths. With just a little bit of time you will notice that the mind calms down a bit, slows down its frenzy, and more pleasant thoughts may come to you. never try to force thoughts away. You are a thinking being and trying to abolish thought with force is unnatural. Calm and well being will come naturally. If not this time, then the next time. The more you do it, the easier it gets, and the better you feel the better you will feel. Do it for the joy and not because someone said you should.
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    Embrace what you want. We all want. We all need. We all imagine things. We have all daydreamed. Keep doing that but do it on purpose. Think of something you want. Now, just when you get the impulse to say: "That's not realistic, i cant have that." Back up a second. Stop that thought. Return to the thing you want. Consider it; it's shape, it's texture, it's name, it's actual realization. So what if your monkey brain is trying to keep you from dreaming? So what? Imagine it, visualize it, and most importantly; feel the emotion of it. How would it feel if it was yours? How would it make you feel to have it in this moment. Go all out there and name the emotions. Maybe ease? Maybe freedom? Maybe love or relief or power? Say the words to yourself and take pleasure in them. A daydream feels good so simply let yourself feel good.
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    Trust yourself. You are more than your body. You have a mind, a consciousness, a history, a personality. Whether, again, you believe in powers beyond that physical body or not makes no difference. There is a true self that will guide you if you let it. Listen to your emotions. Listen to your body and appreciate all that is you. Your inner being, some would call it soul or source or perhaps even god, is your guide.
    • People do commonly refer to instinct or maybe gut feeling. The path to a different and happy reality is to listen to that guide. You can feel it when your inner you has an opinion differing from your monkey brain. Truth is, when you feel bad it's because you are not listening. You don't pay attention to the guide that shows you the way every moment. Whether you call it spirit or subconscious makes no difference. It knows what you want and when you decide to ignore what your true self is telling you; you choose to not care about how you feel.
    • The very moment you make the decision to feel better, let yourself know about it. Be happy that you from now on will care about you. Speak it clearly in your mind or out loud: "I want to feel good.", "I want clarity and ease.", "I can feel better, go farther, do more, and enjoy life no matter what might happen." That is your mantra but it must be true. Your wish must be sincere, your thoughts clear and decisive. Feel the joy in your body telling you that it's okay to want to feel good. It is how it should be. It is what you deserve. And what you want you will have.
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    Have fun. Be easy. Don't take it so seriously. Enlightenment doesn't require a life of suffering as many would have you think. Happiness doesn't require selflessness and sacrifice as some would want you to believe. Enlightened means knowing yourself as part of the universe and truly experience heaven on earth as it's supposed to be. There is no condemnation, no judgement, and no "wrong" path.
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    Challenge your beliefs. We all have beliefs. They may be a faith in one god or another. It may be a belief that Wy-Fi signals are dangerous. It may be a fear that a spouse always betrays you. You may believe that all senators are greedy, that the neighbour looks at you funny when you get your mail, that GMOs are poisonous. All those beliefs control your life. But we challenge you to consider whether your beliefs serve you or not. Maybe they do; then leave them be and enforce them when you feel that it's right. If you're not so sure, look at them and decide for yourself if it's something that makes you fearful or anxious, judgmental or critical to others. Look at them and let your true self have a say in it. Does it make you feel joy to gossip about someone that you believe is a bad person? Really? Then what is that uneasy feeling in your stomach after you spewed negativity all over the place?
    • Try to stop judging others for thirty days. Think before you say anything negative about anyone. Find positive things to say. Find the beauty, find the joy, be someone that uplifts instead of brings down. We are all different, we all have values, we have beliefs. Let everyone be who they are even when you don't agree. Find that positive, find the joy, find the wonder in everything around you. All of this can be applied to all things, all people, animals, governments, and every aspect of you. Have fun because life is supposed to be fun. Be happy, receive happy, see happy. Now, the world is a different place and your reality is from this point exactly how you make it.

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