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Do you have a topic that you want to address? Maybe one that doesn't really need involvement from others (not that you would reject it). What you can do is create your own 'mini-project'.


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    Go to your user page. This is the location you need to be in to create your own mini-project.
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    Click on the address bar in your browser at the end of the user page URL. Type in /Mini Project Name. For example:
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    After typing in the project name, you will be redirected to a page where it will say that there is no article found. Click edit.
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    Start your project by writing what you need to write on the textbox.
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    Click publish to finish off the project.


  • Personal projects need to be placed in your namespace. That is where you can add pages that apply to you or your interests. You type in the name of whatever it is, after your user page URL.

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