How to Create Your Own Eyeshadow Look

Two Parts:Before You StartCreating the Look

Sometimes, you need fresh ideas on how to do your makeup, especially when you'd like to feel unique and original. Creating your own eyeshadow look can come in handy when you'd like to use a style not dictated by current fashion but tailored to your own needs and appearance. You can use your own colors and after some practice, you can create a look that works just for you, for any occasion.

Part 1
Before You Start

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    Choose which colors you will be using. Certain colors go well with certain occasions and events, or you can just find colors that go well with your eye color.
    • Blue eyes - Gold, bronze, copper, champagne, yellow-beige, peach
    • Green eyes - Sepia, rust, purple, smokey or ashy gray
    • Brown - Bronze, peach, purple, navy, teal, green
    • Hazel - Gray, dusty pink, burgundy, deep purple, yellow-brown
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    Decide which color is going to go where on the eye. Only four colors are needed to create a standard eyeshadow look:
    • Light Shimmery color - Used under brow bone as highlight shade and in inner tear duct to brighten the area;
    • Light Matte Finish color - Used under brow bone to soften any harsh lines;
    • Medium color - Can be used all over lid for wash of color or in crease to blend any harsh lines;
    • Dark color - Used to line lower lash line or outer part of the eye.
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    More colors can be added, but these are the most basic.
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    Choose colors that will complement your outfit or the occasion you will be wearing the look for. Stay away from bold colors and smokey eyes during the day, as these are normally too intense. Stick with neutral colors during the day and more intense looks for nighttime wear.

Part 2
Creating the Look

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    Start applying the shadow. You will need a variety of brushes to create your look: a flat stiff brush is used to apply shadow all over the lid, a pencil brush is great for applying color under the eye or softening colors, a stiff dome brush is good for feathering out color, creating a smokey eye, or blending out the crease, and a soft dome brush, used for blending all over the eye.
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    Choose the rest of your face and lip makeup according to your eye makeup. Make sure the colors don't clash and choose only the eyes or the lips to play up, but not both. If your eye makeup is very intense and/or smokey, keep the rest of your face neutral, with a light amount of contouring on the cheeks and a light or matching lip color. If your eye makeup is neutral, keep the attention centered on it by applying a light shade of blush on the cheekbones and wearing lip gloss or a nude matte lip color.
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Things You'll Need

  • Eyeshadows in colors of choice
  • Flat stiff brush
  • Pencil brush
  • Soft or stiff dome brush

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