How to Create Your Mind Palace

As recent internet posting has discovered, many people worldwide have been using the Method of Loci or "Mind Palaces" for centuries. This is one method of creating a mind palace of your own.This article is not necessarily best for those who are new to the concept of Mind Palaces and the Method of Loci. Once you have done a bit of research, here is a method of Mind Palace (or Theatre, as the case may be) building. Keep in mind that all palaces are different, and what is effective for you may be useless for someone else. With that in mind:


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    Find a style of music or white noise to help you enter the palace. Sensory deprivation of some kind is often imperative for the easy use of a mind palace.
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    Decide on a rough idea of what you need it to be like physically. Should it be a small house, even one room, perhaps something familiar to you personally, or instead maybe it should be a large theatre you once saw on television.
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    Begin by building one room. This should be your safe room where you can retreat when undergoing stress or when you simply need a quiet moment.
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    Once the "safe room" is built, work outwards. Build a path to get to it, slowly introducing entrances to other rooms along the way. Don't worry about what the rooms are, just make sure you have a few entrances so that you can go back later and fill them in.
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    Once you have a general picture of the inside of your palace, along with the safe room built, you can work a little on the outside. Some people will want to have a very established, detailed outside, perhaps with gardens, etc. Some will want little more than a door. You may think that you do not want a door leading outside, but the danger of this is the possibility that, #1, you may find yourself trapped inside in case of a mental breakdown, #2, on a purely ascetic note, without an outside to go to, what will the windows of the palace show? (what palace, no matter what style it is built in, has no windows?)
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    After you have the palace pretty well started, you can begin adding information. All those empty doorways you included when you first built the safe room and surrounding area will now be filled in with whatever you like, they may be libraries, storage rooms, perhaps even blank walls with cork boards over them on which memories can be pinned. Anything goes, it's your mind.
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    Begin to decide how to remember things. Some people take a more visual trigger-based approach. [1]. Triggers like that may or may not be helpful to you. You can combine a certain level of visual and auditory triggers when storing things. One approach is to use triggers that are word/phrase based.
    • For instance, a phrase that your aunt said when you were prepping for a party might remind me of what she was drinking at the time (white wine), which will remind you of white wine and its inclusion in your favourite fish stew and the spinach artichoke dip you made with that same bottle of wine sitting on the table next to me. This helps you to remember the recipe for the spinach dip and also the candle preservation tip you got from a friend when you served the dip at a dinner party that evening. As you can see, using triggers (be they word/phrase based or otherwise) is a bit like finding a specific map on a shelf and following the paths contained within until you reach your desired location.
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    If you are starting the building of your palace later in life, you will have many memories built up that you will wish to incorporate. Combining these memories and categorizing them into simple, easily findable objects will take time. Do not try to rush! The slower you go, the more accurate and thorough your system will be. When you get frustrated, take a break and spend some time in your safe room.

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