How to Create Your Christmas Playlist

Here's your guide to create a personalized Christmas playlist to enjoy all season!


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    Remember the songs you love! Over a year it's easy to forget about the songs that really get you into the Christmas spirit, but here are a few methods for finding them all again!
    • Go onto '' then search 'Christmas party' and check out all the playlist on there! Nearly every Christmas song will be there somewhere.
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    • Go on the web and type 'Now That's What I Call Xmas' amazon will come up as an option, on that page with have the track listings, then you have find all your favorite classics! They release a 'Now That's What I Call Xmas' every year, so if you think one is missing it will almost definitely be on another year!
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    • The final method is going onto 'iTunes' and typing in your favorite singers and bands, and searching all their songs and albums, hoping they have released a Christmas album/song at some point, it's not as efficient but stars do covers of classics, and you may find the updated version better!
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    Create the playlist. Add a new playlist to your iTunes library with whatever title you will recognize. The only problem with having a Christmas playlist is that all them songs will appear in your normal library too, so you can either put up with it, and delete all them songs after Christmas, or create a whole new user on your computer, and dedicate that whole library to Christmas? This works well if you have a spare iPod or iPhone that you can use just for Xmas songs.
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    Fill the playlist - with appropriate songs! When I say 'appropriate' I don't think your going to be putting anything rude up there, but think about where and how your playlist will be used. If your having a fun, jolly Christmas party loads and loads of slow songs might not work out well, but if its for your ears only going nuts, put every song you list on there and have a great musical Christmas!


  • Try mixing up the songs, if you have 2 version of one song space them far apart, and mix up slow and faster songs, so the vibe stays merry.
  • If you really want to get into the Christmas spirit, put your iPod/iPhone on the speakers when your wrapping presents or baking, it will create a really Christmas-y vibe.
  • It might be nice to invest in some good speakers, so that the whole family can enjoy the Christmas tunes!


  • Do not illegally download your songs! You may think you can get away with it, but people have been caught before! Getting arrested around Christmas is defiantly not jolly.

Things You'll Need

  • iPod
  • iPhone
  • Speakers
  • iTunes
  • Internet access.

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