How to Create the Perfect Bedroom

If you're moving into a new house, or your room is getting a bit boring and old, here's how to redo your room. This is geared towards teen girls.


  1. 1
    Pick the perfect room. It should be the right size for you, and have at least one or two windows. If you're stuck with the room you currently have, that's okay too.
  2. 2
    Empty the room completely. Just gut the entire room until it's just walls, a ceiling, and a floor.
  3. 3
    Clean the room thoroughly. Vacuum the floors (even if it's hardwood, you can vacuum it on a certain setting), mop the floors (hardwood only), wash the walls and ceiling, dust the whole room, and do any other necessary cleaning processes.
  4. 4
    Sort everything in the room. Sort them as keep, throw away, donate, store in another room, or hand-me-down. Do the appropriate actions with each category except keep, which you'll have to attack later.
  5. 5
    Paint the walls a color you like. It shouldn't be too bland, but don't go too crazy or you'll regret it. Pick a fun but versatile color that you'll like for a long time.
    • Consider painting one wall with chalkboard paint. This literally turns the entire surface into a chalkboard, and is you can get very creative with it without worrying about the decorations being permanent.
  6. 6
    Add in a rug or hardwood. It's your choice which one you like. If you want to keep the floor you have, clean it again. If you have hardwood, vacuum, mop, and polish it. If you have a carpet, vacuum and deep clean it. Consider replacing what you have, even if it's the same kind of flooring.
  7. 7
    Have any needed electrical work done. This includes WiFi, electricity, heat/AC, and phone jacks. If you're going to need plumbing, have that done too.
  8. 8
    Get a nice ceiling light. It can be a regular light or chandelier, depending on what you like. You can even get a chandelier that casts tree-like shadows and turns your room into a forest, or you can get one that has lots of transparent gems and casts a cool glow on the walls. Consider getting a dimmer installed so you have more control over the lighting.
    • If you want, you can get a ceiling fan, too.
  9. 9
    Add in the bed. It should be attractive and comfortable. Make sure you like the mattress a lot. Consider getting a canopy to hang over the bed.
  10. 10
    Add seating. Have at least one comfy chair in the room for reading, having friends over, or whatever else.
  11. 11
    Add a desk. This is crucial. Find a desk that fits everything you have and fits in your room. Then, find a desk chair that is comfortable and matches the room.
  12. 12
    Add an armoire or dresser. This is where you should keep the clothes that you wear the most.
  13. 13
    Add a vanity. It should be functional as well as pretty. This is especially important if you share a bathroom.
  14. 14
    Add two or more bookshelves. These will add personality to the room once filled and provide storage.
  15. 15
    Add some storage space. These should just be drawers, cabinets, or shelves for miscellaneous items.
  16. 16
    Add a CD rack. This is very important if you like music. If you don't have that many CDs, head out to a store that sells them and buy enough to at least begin to fill the rack.
  17. 17
    Put up removable wall stickers. Choose stickers that reflect your personality. It is important that they're removable, in case you change your mind later on.
  18. 18
    Put up posters. They can be for movies, concerts, musicals; they can have pictures of animals on them; they can be sports related; or they can just have inspirational quotes on them.
  19. 19
    Put up pictures. This will really personalize the space. Choose frames you love, or just put up the pictures without frames, and configure the pictures around the room.
  20. 20
    Put up artwork. It can be your artwork, or someone else's. Choose pieces that you really love, or, if you made them yourself, are proud of.
  21. 21
    Put up a white board calendar. These are extremely helpful and keep you on track. You can get amazing white board calendars at Pottery Barn Teen (PBTeen)
  22. 22
    Frame and put up anything else you want on your wall. Some people choose to put up things like baptism gowns or other things from when they were a baby. You can also frame and put up poems that you like, wrote, or were given.
  23. 23
    Add in some lamps. Consider having a bedside lamp, desk lamp, fairy lights, a lava lamp, a sun jar, and clip-on lamps around the room so you have constant control over what lighting you want.
  24. 24
    Put up a bulletin board. Cover it in pictures, tickets, cards, and anything else you want to display.
  25. 25
    Put up a few mirrors. These open up the space and are useful. Get at least one full-length one, one vanity one (wide but only shows the top half of your body), and a few little ones.
  26. 26
    Decorate the windows. Put up a shade (recommended-the kind that you just pull down and push up) and add some valances and curtains (see-through work best) to make it brighter.
  27. 27
    Choose comfortable bedding. It should be soft and make you want to sleep, but also match the room.
  28. 28
    Add throw pillows and blankets. Pick ones that match the room and are just asking for you to do a run-and-jump onto the bed, then snuggle up. It should be attractive and inviting.
  29. 29
    Add a bean bag. It can be fuzzy, leather, denim, or just regular. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure you like sitting in it.
  30. 30
    Cover the vanity with all your beauty products, choosing your favorites to display and the okay ones to store.
    • You can also store jewelry on the vanity.
    • Consider designating one cabinet or drawer as the spot for your medicines and all other pharmaceutical needs. This will be like a very large first aid like.
    • Don't forget to store your nail items in the vanity too.
  31. 31
    Fill one bookshelf with small trinkets, figurines, toys, stuffed animals, and miniatures. For an example, look at the shelf in the background of the "Mental Floss" videos on YouTube.
  32. 32
    Fill the other bookshelf (or shelves) with books. To keep them organized, categorize the books by genre, and, within each genre, by author.
  33. 33
    Fill the CD rack with your CDs. Categorize the CDs by genre, and, within each genre, by artist.
  34. 34
    Add in a trash bin and laundry bin. These are crucial for having a clean room.
  35. 35
    Set up all school/work related items on the desk. Make sure you organize all your things so you know where to find everything. This should be he perfect place to do homework and any other work you have to do.
  36. 36
    Add a magazine rack with all your favorite magazines and catalogs. Make sure to save a special spot for all the subscription cards that you plan on filling out.
  37. 37
    Add a shelf for all your tech items. You can even add a TV. If you like music, consider adding a sound system and/or karaoke machine. Add a basket for all your chargers, and another for any other cords you have. Make sure you have a designated spot for each electronic you own, as well as any equipment that is needed.
  38. 38
    Add a mini fridge and small cabinet for all your favorite drinks and snacks. This will give you easy access to food you don't have to share, and is perfect for when you are starving while doing homework or for when dinner isn't ready yet.
  39. 39
    Display any instruments you play. Make sure the instruments won't be destroyed, but display them nicely. If the instruments involve equipment, include that, too. Also set up a music stand if needed.
  40. 40
    Display any sports equipment you use. This includes jerseys, safety gear, and equipment.
  41. 41
    Display any awards you've won. It doesn't matter whether they're metals, trophies, plaques, ribbons, or certificates. If you win an award, display it with pride.
  42. 42
    Add in a phone. It is essential that you have a phone in your room. Cordless phones are recommended, but any landline will work.
  43. 43
    If you have a pet that lives in your room, set up their equipment and supplies, as well as a special place for them to sleep.
  44. 44
    Put all the other items into the storage units. Make sure you label the storage so you know where everything is.
  45. 45
    Decorate the door. You can put as many signs, pictures, posters, etc on it as you want. Make it you. If you're going to add a "do not disturb" sign (which is recommended), consider making it a sign that you can flip, and have one side say "do not disturb" and the other side say "please knock". For the times when it says "do not disturb", have a white board and markers or a chalk board and chalk set up so the other people in the house can write messages for you. Just personalize it until it's the perfect first impression of your room.
  46. 46
    Add in some plants.
  47. 47
    Add in some candles. They can be flameless or real, scented or unscented. Either way, they're an amazing touch for the room.
  48. 48
    Add any other accessories you want to have in the room. Just add the finishing touches.
  49. 49
    If you want, add a Glade plug-in air freshener to make the room even more appealing and enjoyable.
  50. 50
    Have fun in your new personal heaven!


  • Organize your desk using wire baskets and small metal buckets, as well as some desk organizers.
  • Categorize beauty products by their function or what kind of product they are.


  • Try to avoid making your room look like a magazine room. That's just too perfect, and a bit uncomfortable.

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