How to Create the Motivation to Do Well in School

Children can play video games for hours, they forget the time while they are running wild on a football field or soccer field, but ask them to sit for a few minutes to do math or science and all hell breaks loose. Getting children motivated in learning can be a difficult chore at best. Here are a few tips to help create the motivation to do well in school and in all future endeavors in life.


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    Start early. Learning should be a fun experience that is instilled in a child from an early age. Playing games like school house, reading with a child or having them read out loud and being applauded for doing a good job are things that make their first experiences with learning a fun memorable experience.
    • If starting young is not a current option: start making it fun now. Find ways thru games, television shows and more to turn learning into a fun experience.
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    Be involved. Often times all children need is bit of attention, a helping hand and the feeling that someone cares. Sharing the importance of being motivated to do well in school is most aptly shown to a child through action.
    • Working with and helping them do their homework, study, making practicing their spelling words or math fun will create a better attitude and help build self confidence when it comes to school.
    • Children learn best from watching – show them what is important to you and they will follow because it is important to you. What child does not want to impress a parent especially at a young age?
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    Be patient. Patience is a virtue. Diligence, hard work and ethics – they're all fine and dandy but patience now that is a tool rarely used with children and most of all with teens.
    • Don't get it wrong, it is understandable: work, life it can be stressful – but patience is essential to motivating children to do well in school. They will always test you. They will always find a reason to quit, to stop, they will be easily distracted: this is why patience is a key ingredient in motivating children. Break down and give up to anger, to defeat and the child will lose all desire to learn. Stay the course; find ways to keep the subject at hand – math, reading or science fun. Go on “YouTube” and do a bit of research and find interesting videos that will help make learning interesting, fun and creative.
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    Give them a reason. Incentive is the mother of invention. The best way to motivate anyone is by offering incentives – this works well for children, teens and adults.
    • Incentivize efforts not just for the child but for that much needed parent that is offering time to help a smart child excel in school and in life. If games, movies or playing outside is what tickles their ivories, make of that an incentive – do the work properly and completely showing that you know the skills necessary to pass a test, complete homework and playtime will be an experience you will never forget.
    • Incentives like ice cream or treats, video games or family time work well. Children are all different so find what works for your own children and use that to incentivize the motivation necessary to do well in school.
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    Allow mistakes and take breaks. Depending on the age of the child mistakes and breaks are necessary for motivation. The goal is to motivate children to “want" to learn, to instill in them a desire to learn and to seek to do well in school. Making homework, study time into a choir of drudgery that is akin to being locked up in a dungeon: you have lost the battle before you even started.
    • As stated before, each child, each teen is different and may require a bit of personal know how to create the right atmosphere and attitude. Most of all – failure is acceptable! Without failure there is no learning, failing to learn from mistakes will only create a fear of learning in order to avoid failure. Make every mistake an opportunity to learn. What did I do wrong, how can it be fixed – these are life lessons that will propel a child to better and brighter days ahead.
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  • Remember that it is just as much about making it part of the life and family experience as it is about getting better grades in school. Learning, the love of learning should be something that is a part of the child.
  • As a bonus tip: seek to enlist the help of teachers, principals and school staff. These people are talented, smart individuals whose sole goal is to help children learn. They can help you find help; find resources and can give you insight into what more you can do for your child to create the motivation to do well in school.


  • Be wary about making it all about grades. Each child is different and some may require more time than others. Making it about the grades can cause the child to compare his to another's and consider themselves a failure by comparison.

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