How to Create Pdf on Mac in 6 Different Ways

You may feel overwhelmed when creating PDF files in windows, however, it is simple and full-featured under MAC. If you are a Mac user who is crazy about reading, editing or making pdf documents, there are a variety of ways for you to create PDF files conveniently, in the following, i will show you six of them.


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    Create from documents.
    • Use NeoOffice or OpenOffice to edit a document, you can generate PDF files with complete information including colors, links, tables, indexes and so on.
    • In the General option page, you can choose to export the entire document, or export part pages of the document; and choose whether to export bookmarks.
    • In Initial View option page, you can set the initial content, zoom ratio, and the page layout when opening a document.
    • In User Interface Option page, you can set the window display, the display of the toolbar and bookmarks when initially opening a document.
    • In the Security Option page, you can set a password for PDF documents, set the printing effects, set whether to allow adding and deleting pages, select the contents and other security attributes.
    • From the above options we can confirm that - open source software provides a wealth of PDF settings. This allows us not only to create a PDF document conveniently, but also create a strong PDF; While in Windows platforms and Office software, you need to purchase additional software to achieve this.
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    Create from printing.
    • In the Print dialog box, click the "Print" button, select "Save as PDF" in the drop-down menu, then PDF files can be generated.
    • In addition to generating PDF from printing, you can also compress, encrypt or e-mail PDF in this dialog box. You can even generate PDF and save it to other applications (such as iPhoto). If you do not need these additional features, you can also select the "Edit menu ..." to remove them from the menu. Such pursuit of features and details really make people gasp in admiration.
    • When you print and output PDF, in the subsequently appeared save dialogue, you can set the attributes of the final PDF document such as title, author and theme. You can also set different passwords for opening, copying and printing document to protect the information security.
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    Create from the web page.
    • If you want to save the page as a PDF document, the fastest way is the open-source browser Sunrise. It has a "Save Entire Page as PDF" function, which can save the entire page as a PDF document, this process will not pop up any dialog box, but will directly store the file in the default (Desktop) download folder. (Note that Sunrise is no longer being maintained.)
    • By installing the PDF Download extension in Firefox, you can save the current Web page into a PDF document to your computer, or as email attachments to send to the specified mailbox. The extension needs to use the pdf download site's conversion services, so you need to collect to the network to use, while Sunrise uses a local program to achieve this functionality.
    • Network Services HTML-PDF-Converter and PrimoOnline can also convert the specified web page into a PDF document.
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    Create from a picture. [1]
    • At first, select one or more images in Finder; then use Preview to open these files and save them as PDF documents in the Print dialog box.
    • If you need to generate a PDF document using all the pictures in a directory, you can drag the directory icon to the Preview icon at the same time holding down Command + Option keys, then select all the pictures in the tool bar, select "Print selected images ..." in "File" menu, and save it as a PDF file.You can also use PDF Creator for Mac which is good at creating PDF files from text and image on Mac! You can get it here:
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    Create From helps.
    • Mac uses UNIX as a core, so it also has built-in online help system - man. For example, you can use man curl command to display the detailed instructions of download tool curl. While by using man-t curl | open -f -a command, you can convert these instructions into PDF format, then open and read them in the Preview program.
    • Free software man2PDF will list all of the manual page, as long as you select one, and click the "Make PDF ..." button, the specified help information can be converted into PDF format.
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    Create from network.
    • If you are using Zoho Writer, Google Docs and other web-based word processing tool, they provide the function of generating PDF themselves.
    • If you already have an existing document, you can also use PDF Online, pdfMachine live, ExpressPDF, You convert It, Zamzar and other network services, to convert MS Office, HTML, TXT, and image files to PDF online.

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