How to Create Passive Income with Online Rebate Sites

Three Methods:Sign Up for Online RebatesShopping Online for Cash Back Incentives

The great thing about creating passive income with online rebate websites is that it takes very little effort on your part to continue receiving cash back incentives. In only a few short minutes you can start making money simply by signing up for cash back rebate programs just by simply shopping at some of your favorite online stores.

Method 1

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    Research online rebate websites, such as Ebates, Big Crumbs, PandaCashBack and Mr. Rebate's shopping websites. Depending on what type of shopping you do, and what stores you frequent, will determine which rebate website you enroll in.
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    Find the stores you most frequently shop at by using the search box on the websites front page. Type in the search box the name of the store you are interested in locating. If the website offers a money back percentage program for that store, the percentage is reflected next to the name of the store.
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    Check each website to see the percentage of money you will be receiving by shopping at this rebate website. Once you determine which website offers the most cash back incentives continue with the enrollment process.

Method 2
Sign Up for Online Rebates

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    Go to the front page of the online rebate website you are interested in enrolling in. Usually this is located on the right hand side of the screen.
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    Click on the sign up link located on the web page. Follow the instructions given. Most of the information you must provide is basic information, such as full name, telephone number, home address and email address.
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    Wait to receive the confirmation email before you go shopping online. Once you receive the confirmation email, click on the link and follow the instructions provided in the email.

Method 3
Shopping Online for Cash Back Incentives

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    Log in to your account. Type in the name of the store you wish to shop.
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    Click on the link provided. Make sure the link is connected to your account and that your name appears in the small browser window after you click on it. Some websites will have a reference number associated with your account or a transaction number to verify that you receive credit for your purchase and any online rebates accumulated.
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    Browse for items at the online store of your choice. Locate items of interest and place these items into your shopping cart. Press the checkout button when you are ready to pay for your items.
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    Pay for your items using PayPal, credit card or any other form of secure online payment. Write down the confirmation number of your purchase.
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    Wait 2 to 3 days for your purchase to be credited to your account. You will know that you received credit for your purchase by the transaction number.


  • To ensure you receive credit for your purchase, make sure you click through the link of the rebate website prior to purchasing any items. This is the only way for you to receive credit for your purchases.
  • Clear your browser prior to using the cashback website, as you might have an older cookie from another website that stand between you and earn the credit for that rebate.


  • Failing to click through the links provided on the rebate website prior to shopping and paying for items at checkout will result in purchases not being processed and online rebates not being credited to your account.

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