How to Create Magnetic Business Cards

Magnetic business cards are a great way to keep your services at the forefront of a customer's mind. Magnets can be stuck to desks, filing cabinets and refrigerators, where they are kept at eye level. Due to their convenience, magnets are also kept around for a while to display photos and pieces of paper, unlike regular business cards which are often lost or tossed. Read further to learn how to create magnetic business cards.


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    Typeset your business cards according to your desired style. Take into consideration the font you wish to use. Choose a graphic or clip art if you wish to have one.
    • Microsoft Works and Word have business card templates if you want to choose a pre-designed card. These programs allow you to plug in your information without having to do any formatting.
    • You can also pay a graphic designer to design a custom card for you.
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    Print out your business card. You can choose a white or colored cardstock to print on.
    • Keep in mind when printing out your business card that ink is semi-transparent. If you print colored graphics on colored cardstock, the two colors will blend, creating a third color. It is best to print black ink only on colored cardstock.
    • Business cards with photos print best on glossy cardstock.
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    Cut the business card to size. Business cards are usually 2 inches (5.08 cm) wide, by 3.5 inches (8.89 cm) long.
    • For those who don't want to deal with cutting the business cards, you can print the card on pre-perforated stock, which is available for purchase at most office supply stores.
    • For large amounts of business cards, you can take them to a print shop for cutting. Many print shops have guillotine cutters, which can cut large stacks of cardstock at a time.
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    Laminate the business card if you desire. Lamination protects the business card from moisture and wear and tear.
    • Lamination works great if your business card is for a restaurant or pizza delivery business, as these cards are often frequently handled and/or displayed on the refrigerator in the kitchen.
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    Purchase magnetic sheets at your local office supply store or craft shop.
    • These sheets are available in pre-cut business card size or standard 8.5-inch (21.59 cm) wide by 11-inch (27.94 cm) tall sheets.
    • Purchase magnets by the roll if you are making a large amount of magnetic business cards.
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    Pull back the protective layer on the magnetic sheet in order to reveal the adhesive coating underneath.
    • In order to prevent unwanted items from sticking to the sheets, don't pull the protective coating off completely. Pull back just enough to expose the amount of magnet you want to use at that time.
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    Stick the business cards to the adhesive coating. The closer you stick the business cards together, the more you can get per sheet.
    • If you are using business-card-size magnetic sheets you should be able to just attach the business cards to them without having to do any trimming.
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    Trim the magnetic business cards to size if you bought larger sheets.
    • Magnets are easy to cut with standard scissors, razor knife, paper cutter or with a scrap booking photo trimmer.


  • After learning how to create magnetic business cards, make plenty of extra. It is more cost effective to print large quantities of business cards and purchase magnetic sheets by the roll. This will allow you to have plenty of magnetic business cards on hand to distribute when necessary.
  • Magnetic business cards can also be purchased completely assembled through custom printing services. They are more cost effective when purchased by the thousands.


  • Do not allow business card magnets to come into contact with electronic devices. When placed on computers, magnets can scramble the hard drive. They can also damage cell phones and demagnetize credit cards.

Things You'll Need

  • Business card design program
  • cardstock
  • Lamination (optional)
  • Magnetic sheets
  • Scissors or paper cutter

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