How to Create Laminated Flooring Designs with Waterjet Cutting

Decorative and creative laminated flooring patterns are helpful in enhancing the aesthetic features of any room or hallway. Waterjet cutting techniques help in making desired shapes and designs in laminated flooring that is basically a combination of wood and textured stones. You can use waterjet cutters for creating laminated flooring patterns for residential buildings, commercial complexes, conference rooms, and many more such structures. Let us see how we can create these patterns using waterjet cutters.


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    Create laminate flooring design as per the client’s requirements: You will need to understand the client’s requirement in detail so as to create a laminate designing for the floor. You can make use of Computer Aided Designing (CAD) software to create and finalize the design. Take the client’s input on every draft of the design. Along with the basic designing, make sure to finalize the arrangement patterns, color schemes, and overall size details of the laminate flooring.
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    Get the required tiling material ready: Once you get the approval from your client, then based on your final design, get the tiling material ready. Make sure that you bring wood, stone textures, tiles, etc in right sizes and shapes. Keep in mind that you might lose some of the material during the plausible damage caused during flooring work. Thus, it is always advisable to order the required material in surplus.
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    Prepare the waterjet cutter: If you have not used your waterjet cutter for a long period of time, then you will need to inspect it for any operational glitches or clogging of parts because of settled dirt. Make sure that you clean all the parts like pipes and nozzles thoroughly before using the waterjet cutter for creating laminated flooring patterns.
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    Set the pressure and intensity of the waterjet cutter as per your requirement: Set the pressure and intensity of water flow as per the designing requirement and start the process of cutting the laminate.
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    Create design patterns with the help of the waterjet cutter: Once you start the waterjet cutter, the machine will compress a gas that will exit through its nozzle. At the same time, a stream of cold water will exit from the nozzle with high intensity and hit the laminate. You need to create the desired design pattern as per the outlines.
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    Clean the laminate: Once your laminate floor pattern is ready, clean any grovel or dirt that has settled on it and wipe it thoroughly to remove the water.
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    Things you will need:
    • Laminated Flooring Sheet/ Slabs
    • Waterjet Cutters
    • CAD Tool
    • Wiping Cloth


  • If you are trying your hand on a waterjet cutter for the first time, then it is advisable that you do a trial run on a small block of laminated flooring material at first.
  • In case of rather intricate designs, you can take help of an expert to make precise cuts.

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